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Rudeman33 11/5/16 10:24 AM

New to me 'Stang
Thanks for the add...

Just picked up this sweet GT this week...

2014 GT, 5.0, manual tranny, 3.73LS, Brembo brakes. 19" P Zeros...Lovin' life!

Glenn 11/5/16 03:48 PM

looks great and Welcome to TMS! How many miles are on it? Where are you located?

Rudeman33 11/5/16 07:40 PM

16K on the clock located in Belleville IL USA

laserred38 11/5/16 10:47 PM

Nice congrats! FYI at that mileage, you're probably going to be ready for some new tires soon, depending on how it was driven before. My stock pirellis lasted about 16k miles. :heh:

Mustang Freak 11/5/16 10:47 PM

Congrats and welcome! :nice:

Rudeman33 11/6/16 07:42 AM

Tires are fine.

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