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Wild5.0 4/16/19 01:36 AM

Brembo Help
Hi guys,
I have a 2014 GT premium with standard brakes. I decided to do the s550 upgrade (4 pots) that come in the 2018. So I ordered some 2018 calipers but see attached picture. They sent me 6 piston brembos??? Lol so does that mean I gotta get the 15 inch rotors?

Part number JR3Z2B121-A and JR3Z2B120-A . I donít get it any help appreciated. Thanks

Bert 4/16/19 07:24 AM

yep, I'm pretty sure those are the big ones that go with the 15" rotors

I believe there are some threads on here (in different section) or maybe it was a different forum, with all the details about putting those on an S197 car

if I remember correctly, the calipers will bolt right up, and you need 15" rotors from a GT500, not the new S550 15" rotors because the "offset" is different

also I think there might be an issue with the brake lines; need to be longer maybe? . . . and you need the right bolts and maybe a few other small parts

simpler solution is the SVT GT500 kit, but it's "only" 4-piston calipers and 14" rotors, and the complete kit price is a bit higher than you can source all the parts for

shaneyusa 4/18/19 12:32 AM

Those are huge. I would guess yes to the big rotors. Bert knows, believe what he posts.

5.M0NSTER 4/22/19 06:48 AM

Yup, definitely for 15Ē Rotors. Actually the 15+ front bakes in 4 piston flavor are not brembos. Not sure who makes them but they are the cheap brake option. Only the 6 piston brakes are Brembo.

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