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steve03gt 12/5/13 07:01 PM

Adding OEM Reverse Camera to Nav
I have a 2013 Mustang, with the electronic package, NAV/SYNC.. I'd like to add the factory reverse camera, never thought it would be much use but after having it in other vehicles, I've learned to love it.

Has anyone done this? Is the harness already provided or did ford actually use different harnesses. Once its added do I need ford to program it?

jim010 12/5/13 10:26 PM

I've done this.

It is NOT plug and play, though.

If you want it OEM, then you'll have to get the proper spoiler with the camera in it. Otherwise, I suppose you could put the camera wherever you wanted to.

You will need the harness that connects the camera to the main body harness. Now YOUR main body harness will not have a place for this to plug into, and this is where you will have to do your own wiring from the camera all the way to the big connector behind the kick panel on the passenger side.

If your nav does not have the rear camera enabled, then you will have to get a programmer to turn it on for you. United Radio can probably do it.

If you decide to do this, I can help you.

steve03gt 12/6/13 07:25 PM

I will try to source the OEM wing with camera, I am not sure what they are worth and that will decide if I proceed. Do you have the P/N for the harness? Where do you connect this added harness, how did you make the connection? Just spliced into the wires that were already there, are they dead ended currently? Are they already pinned into the connector, and I could possibly add pins on the opposite side? This programmer to turn it on, what kind of programmer?

jim010 12/6/13 08:31 PM

I'll give more details later, but to answer your questions about programming, you will have to contact United Radio yourself. Just tell them what you are attempting and they'll connect you to the right person.

As for the wiring, you are adding pins into the connectors yourself, as there are none where you will be connecting to. My harness did have wires leading form the connector from the kick panel to the nav, but I bought a new harness for other purposes, so it may be a fluke that they were there. You may not have those wires at all and may need to wire all the way to your nav.

I will check later to tell you what pins and in what connectors you need.

Also, I have no part numbers for you, but I got the harness with my spoiler when I bought it. The spoiler cost me $160 and I sourced it from You may be lucky and source a spoiler that is already the right colour. Otherwise you are looking at at minimum a couple hundred dollars to paint it properly.

As I said, though, you can put the camera where you like. Maybe above the license plate?

Siber Express 12/6/13 08:45 PM

I have put the Camera Spoiler on my car already, I just need to wire it in since mine did not have the harness for it and was having speaker problems so was waiting for the warranty to run out.
To see if you have the Harness take the liner off the trunk lid and see if it is there, it is an 8 pin plug on the rear left side of the trunk lid.
I am going to have to check and see if the wires are to the SJB now that you said that Jim, save me having to make or source the pins for the plug on the back of the screen.

jim010 12/7/13 02:06 PM

OK, here goes:

The harness that came with my spoiler and camera was cut, so it may be that it is part of the mainbody harness. Acording to my wiring diagrams, that does seem to be the case. You will then need to buy the proper connector, then, if you didn't get the cut harness with the spoiler. Chances are that you will, though, as the harness runs into the spoiler, and I doubt that whoever removed the spoiler will then disassemble it to unplug it.

I have no part number for the connector that plugs into the camera, but it is connector C4357. You'll just have to go to your Ford dealer and get the parts guys to look it up.

Here are the wires leading OUT of the camera:

pin 1 - white/purple - power.
This will go all the way to the front passenger kickpanel to the large white connector C210. It plugs into slot 20, but there will not be a pin in there. You will have to get a pin and attach the wire to it and then push the pin into slot 20. On the other side, there should be a pin and a wire leading out from pin 20 going to the SJB. It leads to the SJB through pin 5 on connector C2280B.

pin 3 - black/purple - ground.
This goes to C260. It is located under the driver's side underneath the steering column. Splice it into the wire coming out of pin 20. Or just ground it somewhere else.

pin 4 - bare wire - shield
This goes to C210 and plugs into pin 33. From C210, it goes to C2123 pin 2 on the back of the nav screen. This may be there already.

pin 6 - white/green - video +
This goes to C210 and plugs into pin 21. From there it goes to C2123 pin 3.

pin 7 - brown/purple - video -
This goes to C210 and plugs into pin 22. From there it goes to C2123 pin 9.

I got pins from a junked harness that I had. I just looked for a connector that had the pins I needed, pulled them out. Sometimes I had to destroy the connector to get them out, but oh well.

wires from 6 and 7 should be twisted together and wrapped in a shield with the shield wire. This cuts interference.

Once all this is wired, it should work. Enabling the nav to display it is another matter. My nav already had the feature enabled, as the car I pulled it from had the camera. You may well need to have it programmed. United Radio, as I said before, are the guys to talk to.

Siber Express 12/7/13 05:28 PM

Mine was purchased new from Ford, then it cost 100 for paint and 30 I think for the Harness to plug into it.
I might actually pull the dash apart tomorrow to see what I need behind the Nav screen if anything. I was also planning on trying the Back up light circuit for power since I have no power to fuse 20 even while in reverse, so my SJB is not programmed for the camera.
The C210 is that the plug in the harness by the SJB?

jim010 12/7/13 07:32 PM

C210 is the big one by the SJB, yes.

I'm pretty sure that you will have a wire going from C2280B from pin 5 to pin 20 on C210, but who knows.

Siber Express 12/7/13 08:57 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I'll be the one laying on my back with the drop light tomorrow, easier to check there for the wires going into the Nav screen since I have all the wire colors.
Having the wiring diagrams on the Laptop helps also.
I just wish I could find the 13-14 Wiring Diagrams since there are some differences in them.
BTW, this is the repair plug/pigtail Assembly I got from Ford to plug into the Camera Harness.
Attachment 195683

jim010 12/7/13 09:31 PM

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Siber Express 12/12/13 06:50 PM

Javier, did you actually run a bare wire for the shield wire or just run a wire for it. I do have all the wires in the C210 plug but no power to the white/purple wire so I am going to see if it works when powered up and if so run it to the back up light circuit.
If not I will have to find a 2013-14 with my options to turn it on or get the Lock pick.

jim010 12/12/13 08:49 PM

Originally Posted by Siber Express (Post 6729502)
Javier, did you actually run a bare wire for the shield wire or just run a wire for it. I do have all the wires in the C210 plug but no power to the white/purple wire so I am going to see if it works when powered up and if so run it to the back up light circuit.
If not I will have to find a 2013-14 with my options to turn it on or get the Lock pick.

I got a length of shielded twisted wire with the bare metal drain wire and used that.

As for not having power, did you check to see if there is a wire going from c210 to the SJB?

Do you have nav?

Siber Express 12/13/13 03:50 AM

The wire is in the plug coming from the SJB, and it does light up the test light rather dimly, and is not full power even in reverse. The fuse is also in 29 and is hot.

jim010 12/13/13 09:08 AM

And all other wiring is in place? Did you try getting power from somewhere else?

Siber Express 12/13/13 09:15 PM

I will probably be hooking it up this weekend, will let you know.

jim010 12/20/13 04:24 PM

Any luck?

Siber Express 12/20/13 07:19 PM

Rebuilt my Heater for the house, will be doing it tomorrow.

Siber Express 12/25/13 05:21 PM

Looks Like lock pick or Dealer to program it, even with power from elsewhere it will not come on the screen. I still have to pull the screen out to make sure all the wiring is in place but I would think since it is running out of C210 into the harness it should be there.

jim010 12/25/13 05:45 PM

My guess is that the nav needs to have rear camera enabled.

Talk to United Radio in New Jersey. They will give you an answer.

Good luck.

jim010 12/31/13 06:42 PM

Any luck? Did you talk to United Radio about turning on reverse camera on the nav? They will be cheaper than getting the Lockpick.

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