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Desiree gt500 4/1/18 07:46 PM

12 to an 09 conversion?
I know people will think I'm crazy but I was wondering if anyone has swapped a 11-14 front clip for an 07-09. We own a 12 and I prefer the look of the 09. Looking for some feedback.

Gabe 4/3/18 06:04 AM

Just sell it and buy an '09

I can see your attraction to the '09 front-end, back in '09 Ford did a better job of making the GT500 look more aggressive than the other Mustang models.

But to take a '12 apart and retrofit a 2009 front-end on it, you'll severely limit that car's resale value, and if anything you'll de-value it by a bunch.


m05fastbackGT 4/3/18 03:07 PM

Also, keep in mind that in addition to de-valuing your "12" there's more to retrofitting a 09 onto an 11-14 than just the front clip. The front fender, door panels, rear clip, hood, quarter panels and rear decklid would also require being retrofitted as well, otherwise, retrofitting just the front clip alone from a "09" will not line up properly with the remaining "12" panels still in place.

Therefore, you'll pretty much have to retrofit every single body panel from a "09" for what you want to accomplish that would only end up causing way too much hassle and expense than what it's worth IMHO.

That being said, if you find the look of the "09" more appealing? You'll be far better off just to sell your 2012 GT500 as Gabe recommended and find yourself a well maintained, 2007-09 GT500 :dunno:

jim010 4/21/18 11:12 AM

There have been some that have retro fitted he powertrain and full I terror from a 11-14 to the earlier cars. That could be an option. But I agree with others. Sell yours and buy a gt500 or Bullitt.

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