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TMSBrad 2/23/04 08:07 PM

Cost is $9.95 for the season.
  1. Goto
  2. Goto "Not Registered? Click here to register
  3. Fill out information on registration page and hit "Submit" Recommend using your forum member ID as your handle so we can recognize each other.
  4. Under on "Fantasy Cap Challenge" hit "click here to play"
  5. Under "Ready to Play?" Hit "click here"
  6. Click "Buy Now"
  7. Select your method of payment
  8. Select "Join a Friend's League"
  9. Private League ID is 22970.
  10. Private League name is
  11. Password is 2005Mustang.
Sign up by 2:30 Eastern Time on 7 March, to get in on the first race (UAW-DaimlerChrysler 400). You can still sign up after this date.

Once you are signed up, read the How to play link at

AFBLUE 2/23/04 08:18 PM

Word to the wise. Make certain you have the 6 drivers you want before selecting the 6th driver. I made this mistake and used up my all 6 of my extra transactions. Oh well. Learn from my mistake. Also when picking drivers, I would make sure you pick 6 drivers that will run in all/most of the 36 NASCAR events.

You start out with $125 to spend on drivers. Here are my 6 guys.

Kevin Harvick (#29) $44.64
Dale Jarrett (#88) $29.84
Brian Vickers (#25) $14.94
Greg Biffle (#16) $14.29
Brendan Gaughan Dodge $10.85
Kasey Kahne (#9) $10.15

2 Fords, 2 Chevys, 2 Dodges. I'm an equal opportunity employer.

JeffreyDJ 2/23/04 08:36 PM

I'm In. Got me 6 drivers, and a tie-breaker :)

Picking those drivers was harder then it looked. We need to do this next season of NFl too. It's always tons of fun to plays in a private league. it's a little more personal.

AFBLUE 2/23/04 08:40 PM


Did the instructions make sense?
Which drivers did you pick?

JeffreyDJ 2/23/04 08:46 PM

Originally posted by AFBLUE@Feb. 23rd, 2004, 9:43 PM

Did the instructions make sense?
Which drivers did you pick?

I didn't really read the instructions, I just started picking my drivers!!! I'm bad about that, I get impatient and just wanna do whatever it is I need to do. I've played in many fantasy leagues, and this one is very similiar to the Hockey and Baseball leagues I've done in the past, so that helped.

Jimmie Johnson (#48) Lowe's Chevrolet
Jamie McMurray (#42) Texaco/Havoline Dodge
Elliott Sadler (#38) M&Ms Ford
Greg Biffle (#16) Army National Guard/Subway Ford
Jeff Green (#43) Cheerios Dodge
Kasey Kahne (#9) Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge

My bottom two changed out a bit, as I was trying to get under $125!!

In football, I usually go the full league (drafting, etc.), and not just the cap league. Hockey and Baseball, I do the cap. So, this'll be fun. :)

Scothew 2/23/04 10:52 PM

OK i got my drivers and stuff, now what do i do?

Scothew 2/23/04 10:53 PM

Oh yeah, here is my line up

Matt Kenseth (#17) Dewalt Tools Ford $44.83 $5.28
Mark Martin (#6) Pfizer/Viagra Ford $26.27 $0.23
Terry Labonte (#5) Kellogg's Chevrolet $21.79 $0.39
Kasey Kahne (#9) Dodge Dealers/UAW Dodge $10.15 $1.40
Scott Wimmer (#22) Caterpillar Dodge $9.15 $0.14
Johnny Sauter (#30) America Online Chevrolet $6.07 $0.13

And I selected Dale Jr. for the tie breaker.. but I dont know what that is for :P

Dr Iven 2/23/04 10:55 PM

I gotta get in on this, but after my next credit card payment (my card is probably maxed out)...

sweet!!! :nice:

AFBLUE 2/24/04 09:29 AM

OK i got my drivers and stuff, now what do i do?
During the race, login to league, goto to the Fantasy Cap Challenge Leaderboard (menu on right side of screen) and watch how your team does. Each minute the screen updates with a ranking. Ranking is based on current position of your 6 drivers. Each position i.e. 1st-43rd has NEXTEL points assigned to it plus extra points for wining the race, leading a lap, and most laps lead). When the race results are officially approved by NASCAR, you can check your official ranking in the league and see how the value of your team has changed. Then you can make trades (up to 6 free trades during the season)

I'm new to this as well so please read Rules and FAQ (also located on right side of screen once you have logged into league) for more info.

The how to play link,

states "the tiebreaker driver is only used to break ties for prizing purposes"

Scothew 2/24/04 04:53 PM

maybe I should read the rules and FAQ's huh?


00StangGT 2/24/04 06:14 PM

i don't feel like paying or else I'd be in :nice:

JeffreyDJ 2/24/04 07:15 PM

I figured it was only 10 bucks for 8-9 months of fun. :)

AFBLUE 2/24/04 07:34 PM

Plus your $10.00 investment could net you up to $5,000.00.

See for more info on prizes.

hatsharpener 2/26/04 11:06 AM

Sweet! Sounds like fun!

AFBLUE 2/26/04 11:34 AM


Are you in? If so, welcome to the league and which drivers did you pick?

AFBLUE 3/3/04 11:53 AM

Just 4 days left to sign up for NASCAR Fantasy League!

JeffreyDJ 3/3/04 12:24 PM

Yup! Come one, you guys can spare $10.00 ;)

AFBLUE 3/3/04 12:56 PM

Brad is suppose to joining, so that will make 6. Plus guys can still join anytime during the season.

Evil_Capri 3/3/04 06:56 PM

I'm in!


Dale Jarrett
Jamie McMurray
Elliot Sadler
Jeff Burton
Ricky Craven
Kasey Kahne

AFBLUE 3/3/04 07:17 PM

Great! Welcome. :wave:

I'm a Dale Jarrett fan myself.

Did the instructions make sense?

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