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Marty 5/5/07 02:29 PM

"X Plan" Information...
Greetings all...

I did a search on this site for information about the "X Plan" program. I was unable to find any info. It's probably just me not as computer savvy as I should be... Can any one explain to me how the program works? Also, can anyone use an "X Plan" deal or do you have to be a Ford Motor Company employee? I'm very close to buying/ordering a 2007/2008 GT/CS.
Thank you, Marty

poldrv 5/5/07 02:57 PM

X plan is normally associated to companies that are considered to be Ford Partners. For instance I work for CN Rail. Our company ships the Ford product to various locations in Canada and the United States. If your employer qualifies as a Ford Partner you have to call the Ford 1-800 number and ask for a PIN (personal indentification number) you then give the PIN to the Ford dealer to start the process. For me the savings amounted to about $1800.00. Hope this helps.

Marty 5/5/07 03:04 PM


Thank you for the info... Well, my employee is the US Federal Gov so it would appear the X Plan is not an option for me...

Thanks again, Marty

bald-guy 5/5/07 03:27 PM

Check with your employer.
I work for General Electic and they do the X plan with Ford. They also do plans with other car makers.
Best to check, they don't volunteer much info.

NJ3 5/5/07 03:44 PM

You can also ask around on message boards, sometimes you'll find someone to sponsor you. Try to request a pin here

dly 5/5/07 08:04 PM

Ford employees get 4 x-plans a year and they can give them away. If you check the url in the above message you can probaly get one pretty easy.

n00bstang 5/5/07 08:09 PM

i got my premium auto mustang gt with active security and iup
for 27,500 out the door.

if i used the x plan, would i have saved more?

dly 5/5/07 08:20 PM

Looked up a Mustang from a local dealer and checked the x-plan price.
MSRP 27510.00 X-plan 25816.00
plus they can not charge you any Doc fees plus you get any rebate that listed.

Mustang_Ed 5/5/07 08:24 PM


We bought our Mustang using the x plan. Go to blueovalforums as NJ3 already suggested in a post in this thread. I worked smooth as silk. We saved money. No hassles.

Good luck.

Mustang_Ed 5/5/07 09:14 PM

Originally Posted by n00bstang (Post 910100)
i got my premium auto mustang gt with active security and iup
for 27,500 out the door.

if i used the x plan, would i have saved more?


Getting your premium auto mustang gt w/ active security and iup for 27,500 out the door sounds reasonable to me. The important thing is you've gotten the Mustang you wanted and are happy with it. And is your dealer helpful to you in maintaining your new Mustang? How's their service?

I just looked up my notes from when we bought our Mustang using the x-plan. According to my notes we paid Invoice times 0.996% plus $75. So that worked out to be $60 lower than invoice.

Then they subtracted the $1,000 rebate from that price. And they gave us a full tank of gas which we weren't expecting.

And as has been already mentioned on this thread, using the x-plan you should not pay administration or documentation fees.

Hope this helps you and whoever else has questions regarding x-plan.

Antigini-GT/CS 5/6/07 10:47 AM

My father works for Union Pacific RR and we got the X-Plan not only on my Mustang, but also the 99 F-250 he bought, as well as our 05' HEMI Ram and 06' Charger R/T. Everytime, we've come out with a great deal on these vehicles. It made a couple great cars, great deals which made them unable to pass up on. My GT/CS was 30,700 on sticker and the X-Plan chopped off about $2,100 from that.

IowaBeef 5/6/07 06:33 PM

I got the x-plan through my retirement program, I didn't know I could get it at first, someone had to tell me. It wasn't that big of a deal though since I was getting the car for invoice, and x-plan was 37 dollars below that, plus I saved on the doc fees.

Marty 5/7/07 08:56 PM

Hey Folks,

Thanks so much for all the info. I appreciate all the help. So, another question: Any idea what the prices will be for the 2008 GT/CS? I'm thinking of ordering one but am unsure of the pricing and delivery date... Thanks again, Marty

AFBLUE 5/7/07 10:31 PM

Just a guess but $600 more than the 07s.

JeffD 5/8/07 05:44 AM

and if you really wanted to see pricing - just google FORD PARTNER CODE many groups post their partner codes online - so its not very private. its usually a 5 characters long

go to - enter the found partner code

build your vehicle or search your local dealer inventory

if you have a lazy dealer (or one who doesnt care about verifying the pin you generate) you may not need the trouble. however, they do verify the information at times, and if you dont provide proof of employment or affiliation, they can come back to you. my company offers xplan for ford so i have no issues with it. but i have known people who were able to generate a pin and get a couple cars by doing just that.

*ymmv, not valid anywhere, dont blame me if your deal is screwed up, this is for information purposes only, not all will qualify, and all that other bs that should be said by a fast talking car ad person.

Marty 5/8/07 06:54 PM

JeffD, I must thank you... I went to the website that you had mentioned and discovered that Ford has partnered with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) group of which I am a member. So, it appears that once I get the partner code from DAV, I will qualify for an X Plan PIN. I really appreciate your help. It's been almost 20 years since I've owned a Mustang and I'm sooo looking forward to driving a Pony again. The Mustang community has always been a great one. And your help has reassured me that it still is... I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thank you Sir... All the Best, Marty

AFBLUE 5/8/07 08:26 PM

How did you "build your vehicle"?

Only choices I saw were

Request a Brochure
Search Dealer Inventory
View Incentives
Locate a Dealer
Generate a PIN
Request a Quote
Calculate Trade-in Value

Marty 5/8/07 09:08 PM

AFBLUE (Mark) Retired USAF here BTW... Well, I was able to attain a PIN based on my DAV status. From the website once you generate your PIN, you can jump to a build and price your vehicle section. However, I noticed that as I was building the car, it was at the normal pricing and not the X Plan price. I guess I will just bring my "build" sheet to a local Ford dealer and request the X Plan option and see if they will honor the program...

Marty 5/8/07 09:18 PM

Fellow Pony Owners! I got my X-Plan PIN tonight! Woo Hoo... I would recommend that if your in the market for a Mustang, research the Ford Partner Code on "google" and see if you qualify or are a member of a partnering group that the Ford Motor Company recognizes as a partner... Based on the X-Plan I should save around $2000.00 to $3000.00 on a GT/CS. Thanks again JeffD!
Take care, Marty

AFBLUE 5/9/07 05:20 AM

Also, if you are not a member of one of those companies, join EAA like I did. After 1 year membership, you are eligible for an X-plan pin.

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