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psteve 2/17/10 06:54 PM

Redfire/Candy Apple Where are you? post pics
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Have not seen any pics of red GT/CS for a while so here is mine

frank s 2/17/10 08:18 PM

Nice car!

Good job on the photo, too.

There was a time when I painted everything I could catch Candy Apple Red. Cats, dogs, and calves learned to avoid me (the rabbits and chickens were trapped in their cages and pens, poor things).

GrumpysGT 2/19/10 01:35 PM

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Here's mine. Have added a Bullitt grill since these were taken.

ricksGT/CS 2/19/10 01:42 PM

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Originally Posted by psteve (Post 5818586)
Have not seen any pics of red GT/CS for a while so here is mine

maybe because you live in a BLACK and WHITE world :lol:,your world neededs some color. :DAttachment 72944

Attachment 72945

lutador83 2/20/10 11:04 AM

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Nice thread!

Here is my CS. I've had her since may 2008 and she is still all original. About 36,200 miles on the clock and going strong. I am however thinking of selling her, but we'll see.

ricksGT/CS 2/20/10 10:06 PM

nice ride.

John H 2/21/10 05:07 PM

Here's some of ours:

Antigini-GT/CS 2/21/10 05:43 PM

Originally Posted by John H (Post 5820271)

Picture of the freaking YEAR! far. But still. :drool:

John H 2/21/10 05:57 PM

Originally Posted by Antigini-GT/CS (Post 5820286)
Picture of the freaking YEAR! far. But still. :drool:

Lol. Thanks. That one is one of my favorites. Working on posting some more.

John H 2/21/10 06:06 PM

A few more...

John H 2/21/10 06:51 PM

and finally:

lutador83 2/22/10 11:06 AM

The Candy Apple Red is so nice! Makes me think twice about selling my car after seeing this thread. I was thinking of selling it to buy an 04 Azura Blue Mach 1 and a cheap FWD as a beater. After seeing this thread, I think I may just keep the CS and keep using her as a daily driver hehe.

This color is definitely the best! The white one definitely takes second place IMO.

RedCandy5.0 2/22/10 11:13 AM

Im trading my 08 Candy GT for a Red Candy 5.0. Pics to come this spring. Just a little tease.

Rebel73 2/23/10 05:11 PM

lsanch33 2/23/10 05:43 PM

Hey what does your plate mean??? Nightmare???

Rebel73 2/24/10 01:07 PM

Originally Posted by lsanch33 (Post 5821138)
Hey what does your plate mean??? Nightmare???


Scott2 4/1/10 05:42 PM

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Here are a couple pictures of my dark candy apple red metalic car:

frank s 4/1/10 07:45 PM

That's a beauty. I like those wheels.

DMAN302 4/12/10 12:28 PM

New member here...purchased her in Feb of the car. She currently has just over 13,000miles and after many many years of building show cars...she's going to stay my little stocker. I added the color match mirror covers...rear deck blackout, under hood covers...she's fantastic. Love the site...long time lurker.

DMAN302 4/12/10 12:28 PM

Sorry...some details. I'm the second owner...she was built in may of 08 and purchased by me in feb 09 with 11,000 miles, as stated previously she now has just a touch over 13,000. She's obviously a with traditional options but no nav or the pic your color lighting....wife drives it mostly, we park it in october and usually out in may...but this year spring has come early and she was able to emerge april 1!! This car does it all well..we traded in a gorgeous black 04 vert GT auto with the tan top/interior and though I loved that car dearly this is a clear and tremendous upgrade. I currently work for a company where I've had the oportunity to be directly involved in the crank department for the new 5.0...and let me say I will be moving over to one in 2013...but if you all would not be too harsh here...the 5.0 is not an engine you want to be purchasing just yet....give it a while to work the bugs out, there are bugs. Lets just say Ford will be dealing with some warrany work according to several inside sources....but she's a hell of an engine. Long run this will be HUGE for Ford and I can't wait for my turn to own one.

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