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CalStang'07 1/22/11 05:59 PM

"American Pony Builders"
FYI: Heads up Gang. Just saw a promo article and video on a proposed new cable TV program called "American Pony Builders". This looks as if could become something pretty great for us Ford Blue Bloods! Folks that truely love everything (old and new) about our very much beloved Mustang Ponys!!

Anyone here at TMS have anything new on this proposed Mustang program and if it is really going to be able to finally launch on the tube this year?

I you like, look it up on the web as "americanponybuilders" and I do believe that you may just enjoy what you find out there my fellow StangNuts. If you do enjoy, feel free to leave them a quick comment there. Us all hitting their web site tells them we the Mustang Family are interested in this!

Next then just share this info with all of your fellow Mustang fans out there. Hope we all together can then help this new Mustang program get launched even sooner!!

I have no connection with this site what so ever. Just wanted to share this info of a possible great future Mustang program with TMS Gang.... :nice: CalStang

Everett 1/22/11 06:43 PM

They have a Facebook page that I subscribed to... They do some pretty cool stuff

CSKoz 1/22/11 11:21 PM

Sweet! Thanks for the info.

kennymustang 1/25/11 12:26 PM

Great - thanks for the info - I'll be watching.
Kennymustang :banana:

G Wrecks 1/26/11 08:12 AM

When and where is this supposed to air? It looks awesome!

bluesfannoz 6/16/11 06:06 PM

They are trying to raise money to fund this project.

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