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Alloy 07 RN 10/8/06 05:23 PM

*Alloy Mustang Check-in*
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Check in if you own or are about to own an Alloy Stang!
V6/GT/Shelby.... and so forth.

:banana: :metal: :fam24: :woohoo: :drunk2: :headbob:


Rapture 10/8/06 05:54 PM

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Yo! Alloy and crimson:metal:

Embalmer 10/9/06 07:50 AM

Eventually I will own an Alloy. I swear!!! (See signature) :banghead: :dunno:

Mustangfreak 10/9/06 08:46 AM

I still have 9.5 months till I get to check in :(

smokenpony 10/10/06 08:07 AM

got mine
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picked mine up on 9/23/06 love the color

Sniper415 10/10/06 11:49 AM

18 more days for me...:banghead:

Charles2007 10/10/06 04:24 PM

I like this color so much, I think Rally Stripes might not work. White Rally Stripes? Hmmmm. Any day now ... I have the cash.


Fesicoy 10/10/06 05:22 PM

Here's mine!

Raserx 10/30/06 02:12 PM

Was there a car in those pics?

stangmomasc 10/30/06 03:07 PM

Well I can't compete with those car doesn't have any hood ornaments.....LOL

BigDog 11/2/06 09:28 AM

Absolutely gorgeous!! Just beautiful!!

Oh, and uh, the car's not bad either......

smokenpony 11/2/06 10:17 AM

mmmmmmmm nice headlights, I'd also like to get one of those rear ends too. what's the ratio on one of those? *LOL*:rofl2:

eci 11/2/06 11:15 PM

Beautiful stang and lady Fesicoy.

sound wave 11/3/06 12:12 AM

nice pics!

06SALEEN1246 11/3/06 12:45 AM

Nice convertible...:)

WarBird69 11/3/06 04:12 AM

Alloy 07 GT here with satin silver stripes!

I've been inactive on the forums lately, little bit of a money crunch after my wedding. Its getting cold now, and I'm scared to death to drive my baby in the harsh (IMHO) Ohio winters. I can't find a beater (4wd truck) for less than $500, so I guess I'm just screwed...

Alloy 07 RN 11/4/06 08:13 PM

Great looking stang. Just the kind of pic I was looking for. I'm planning on installing white racing stripes on mine and this pic is pretty much what I was looking for. Looks great!!!!!!!!:nice: :nice: :nice:

Entil'Zha 11/10/06 09:03 PM

I'm Checking in
My car will be here in a couple of weeks, and I'm going nuts. so I guess it's time to check in.

2007 Alloy Premium V8 5 speed Mustang
Interior upgrade package
GT Appearance package
Premier trim w/color accent package
Comfort group
3.55 axle
Shaker 1000
Anti theft package
18'' polished wheels
Air bags
Charcoal interior with satin aluminum instrument panel

Did I forget anything?

cookiemonster 11/19/06 10:57 AM

Hi everyone!!

This is my first post on this forum :) I'm getting my Mustang in a few weeks! Here's what it has:

2007 v6 Mustang coupe, manual trans, Alloy Metallic
Dark charcoal interior w/Verona-Grain Leather Seats
Interior Upgrade Package
V6 Pony Package w/tape stripe delete
Wheel Locking Kits
Active Anti-Theft
Antilock brakes w/traction control
Side air bags
All weather floor mats
Chrome exhaust tips

All for $20,600+ttl :)

AlloyGT 11/24/06 03:17 PM

Here is mine. Had it about a month now, and I'm loving it.

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