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rcliff1 12/16/13 08:40 PM

I personally would like to see the thunderbird come back, the family car version. I always wanted one. Just put the new 5.0 in it. Thoughts?

bob 12/16/13 08:52 PM

tough sell, the personal coupe segment has really faded away, the Mustang sorta pulls double duty here.

Lots of reasons for it, 'murica's love affair with SUVs and CUVs, the less than practical nature of a full sized two-door coupe, sedans have gotten better looking (Mercedes tries to sell one of its sedans as a "four door coupe") and so on.

Evil_Capri 12/17/13 04:44 AM

Moving to 'Ford Discussion' section, but will leave a link for a few hours . . .

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