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Stangfriik 2/3/06 12:19 PM

A guy is looking at a 2005 Roush Sport GT vert . He needs to know if it's worth the asking price. He's in Phoenix

"there is a dealer here who has a 2005 roush sport GT (5 speed) not premium (cloth seats, bullet wheels) ..its old..2005 (new though) just been sitting there for ever...they are asking 37.... the sticker on a gt convert is like 28? roush ground effects is about all is done to it.."

Thank you

JeffreyDJ 2/3/06 12:28 PM

It seems excessively high to me if it really is just the ground effects.

I personally wouldn't be paying that amount for it.

lowblustang00 2/3/06 01:32 PM

Sounds like someone is getting screwed

mach1fever 2/3/06 03:14 PM

just a word of advice. Resale sucks on them

bobbo 2/3/06 08:32 PM

Check for details on the std prices for Sport core and optional components.

Look the Roush retail sticker on the car. It will show you the details of the Roush add-ons so you can compare. It probably has $2.5K of "Options" to the ~$6500 "Core" components - like mine did. I'm pretty sure you won't find a Roush with just the body kit.

Sounds like it might be right at MSRP. If it is used and they are asking that, then tell them to go pound sand.... If it is a "new" 2005, then it's probably at MSRP and from what I have heard, most Roush dealers bargain very little since they are a limited availability model.

Also, see if it has a Serial number in the rear of the passenger door "jamb". Is it a real Roush? To some, that seems to matter.

Personally, I love the 2005 Roush body kit and exhaust on my 05 vert. I really like the gauges over the retro stock ones. I got Katzkin leather for 1700 - much better than stock. I was not too keen on the Roush seats. To me, the extra $9 K was worth it for a really unique vehicle from a reputable source.

Generally, if you want a car to hold it's value, get a base model.

When dealing for it, mention resale value and how its 10K for just a body kit and how it has been on their floor for a looooong time....

MY05GT 2/4/06 06:23 AM

06 base vert GT MSRP is $30685 , they were slightly cheaper in 05 if you could get your hands on one.

celticstanger 2/5/06 08:11 PM

resale on Roush > base

Stangette 2/8/06 03:48 PM

Roush details the price and included options are on the Dealer Window Tag - also then details the Roush Package, Roush Serial # and the Stage. This will show the Roush parts added and price for each -- typically, the base Roush w/o options will run at 32K for the Coupe and 34K for the Vert.

A full Sport will include Roush Aerobody and front lighting, leather seats, White Guages, Chin Spoiler, Qtr. Window Louvers, Hood Scoop, Roush Racing Stripes, Billet Pedals, Carbon Fiber Trim, Mats, Banners and Billet Badging with Sport Bullitt Rims. This will run 38K to 42K depending on market area.

The Full Roush Stage 1 adds to this with the 18" x 10" Chromed Cast AL Roush Rims with BFG performance rubber. These add about 3700.00 to the price of the Sport.......

If one desires the Shaker 1000, IUP, etc. these have to be included in the vehicle before it is sent to Livonia to be built. [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif[/img]

Also, if your Mustang is Dealer Built and Certified thru Roush or.... Ordered and then Built by Roush in Livonia, history has a way of shining on Limited Edition and Registered Mustangs...... Resale value ..?? -- depends on the markets and the time of sale, and with the recently announced Ford production numbers for 2005 Mustangs, it is no surprise the value will be fair for Roushes, Saleens, Cobras, etc. for no matter when they are sold......

Typically, they are valued by the GT Price and add depreciation to it...... and then add the valuation of the Tuner added components......

hope this info helps [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/thumb.gif[/img]

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