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TMSBrad 11/4/05 08:38 AM

The biggest thing I learned at SEMA is that my camera doesn't work well inside. :notnice:

I met Carroll Shelby, Jack Roush, Steve Saleen, Hau Thai-Tang, Chip Foose, Courtney from Overhaulin', Sammy Hagar, Billy Gibbons, and several of this site and Project Source Horse's sponsors.

IRS-Equipped '05

Shelby CS6

Concept GT500

Ford GT-Powered '06

MRT Cherry 6T6, Designed by Doug "Burningman" Schramm (I got a cool poster of this one.)

Dissected Ford GT (Hau was not happy with them cutting a perfectly good GT in half!)

Grand-Am Cup Champion Car

2006 Mustang GT Convertible with Chopped Roof

2006 Saleen Light Bar and Speedster Cover

3dCarbon California Series


Street Scene's Gen 3 Scoops

Original Artwork by Ford GT Designer Camillo Pardo

Funkmaster Flex's Mustang

Yours Truly and Courtney, Formerly of Overhaulin'

Street Scene's New Spoiler (covers the factory holes)

Shaken and Stirred

Carroll Shelby

Shadrack Mustang (more info soon)

Chip Foose (filming Overhaulin' on site)

Sammy Hagar and Carroll Shelby

Sammy Hagar's Saleen and Ford GT Racers

Ford Racing's Super Pack (available spring 2006 and won't void the warranty)

Billy Gibbons, Sammy Hagar, and Carroll Shelby (anyone know the guy on the left?)

Ford GTX1

John Force in the Ford Racing 400+ Horsepower Mustang GT at the Indoor Drag Strip

JeffreyDJ 11/4/05 08:44 AM

Cool pictures!

That California Series Mustang rocks!

codeman94 11/4/05 08:47 AM

wow....thats a pretty girl....nice goofy smile too, Brad

MTAS 11/4/05 09:32 AM

The "guy on the left" in the pic with Sammy/Billy et al is Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony. He and Sammy both own Ford GT's.

MTAS 11/4/05 09:35 AM

Any more pics/info of that vintage style side mirror?

Blip 11/4/05 11:26 AM

Great pictures Brad. :nice:

Is Hagar really going to race the Saleen (What series?) or is it just a show car?

TMSBrad 11/4/05 11:38 AM

The Saleen is an S281R, and will compete in the Grand-Am Rolex Series GT Class.

burningman 11/4/05 11:43 AM

Finally pics of the CHerry in it's natural setting :)

Blip 11/4/05 12:05 PM

Thanks Brad, nice to see a new Saleen R model.

Any Saleen factory support with the effort, or just a privateer team?

(Doug, the "Cherry" does look great.)

Evil_Capri 11/4/05 12:14 PM

Originally posted by TheMustangSource@November 4, 2005, 1:41 PM
The Saleen is an S281R, and will compete in the Grand-Am Rolex Series GT Class.

Thanks for that clarification!!! :nice: :nice: I had read specualtion that the Saleen would race in the Speed GT World Challenge series.

What series is the GT going to race in?

TMSBrad 11/4/05 12:15 PM

Not sure....

rrobello 11/4/05 12:43 PM

I have always had the same problem at SEMA with taking pics inside no matter what camera I use, its the crappy lighting, huge hall with some natural light and some flourescent, makes it hard but still nice pics, I wish I couldve made it this year.

ZwerRacing 11/4/05 12:59 PM

The Shadrack Mustang is perhaps the coolist thing I have ever seen next to the "Cherry" of course. :-D

wsmatau 11/4/05 01:02 PM

:-D SUPER Power Pack!!!..... Brad, what other info were you able to glean. Is this pretty much just the supercharger Whipple has posted on thier website with FRPP stickers? A warranty would put me in line to buy one right now. Do you have any more info or pics?

Thanks, You just made my day. :banana: :banana: :banana:

TMSBrad 11/4/05 01:15 PM

All of my SEMA pics are online at I'll try to find out more about the Power Pack, but I don't know how successful I'll be.

wsmatau 11/4/05 02:42 PM

:worship: Thanks man, any info at all would be good. Thanks too for all the pics and info you have already given us. You rock! :worship:

MustangFanatic 11/4/05 03:08 PM

Brad, you rock!!! :worship:

jayguy 11/4/05 03:09 PM

I'd like to see a closer picture of the rear quarter window on the white car with blue flames (outside). Looks like either a flat mask over the window, or they replaced the glass with an inward vent, like the original 65-66 2+2's.

Fantastic pictures, Brad. Wish I could've gotten in there with you.

TMSBrad 11/4/05 03:18 PM

I thought I had gotten a shot of that quarter window, but I guess I didn't. They replaced the glass with that louver, which had glass inserts in the "vents".

mg05 11/4/05 04:12 PM

The pictures of the Cherry don't even do justice on how awesome that paint job is. Incredible. My friend has my camera (he stayed later than I did yesterday) so if I have any other good pictures, I will add them in, if that's ok. But Brad's show a lot of the best stuff.

MustangFanatic 11/4/05 04:50 PM

I love these quarter window vents, they are sweet!!!

burningman 11/4/05 06:40 PM

Man now I'm not so sure about this Kenny Brown car. the rear looks kinda jumbled. Like they were trying too hard.

I do know of a sweet set of taillights that will work nicely with that car though :)

Lalo 11/4/05 06:49 PM

Originally posted by burningman@November 4, 2005, 10:46 AM
Finally pics of the CHerry in it's natural setting :)

The 6t6 really looks sweeter under lights :drool:

Nick85 11/4/05 09:55 PM

Awesome pics :eek:

goat678 11/5/05 12:36 AM

who makes those side scoops i would like a pair of those

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