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Fastoldman 3/20/19 09:14 AM

Track Event to help Flood Victims in the Midwest!!
With Raceway Park of the Midlands ( track South of the Omaha/Council Bluffs Metro Area ) under 10 feet of water, many track events are likely to be cancelled for 2019. NASA Central has lost their track event weekend of April 13-14, but the Mgr of Motorsports Park Hastings, George Anderson has come to the rescue. Working with the NASA Central Regional Mgr ( Jeremy) the two figured a way that they could keep a track event on the schedule and even help some of the flood victims. This is a full fledged NASA event , with HPDE ( high performance driving event) , Time Trials and road racing. Cool part is the HPDE element has 4 levels of racing improvement and Instructors ( all licensed ) are there to help you move up and get faster. This is not a Mustang event , but what a great , great chance to get some seat time prior to the Mustang Roundup ( ) in September! Heck , invite your friends with Camaros, Vettes , Porsches, etc. so you can blow their doors off at the track and they can go home bewildered, ha,ha. Make sure you call me if you see this on the Mustang Source and are not a NASA member. Feel free to call me on my cell and the very best email is listed below as I do not have access to this Forum when not at work.

Seat time, help out flood victims, help prepare for a bucket list event ( Mustang Roundup ) , what could be better.

Go to to sign up . If any concerns call me or email [email protected] to get signed up for the event. With RPM unlikely to open for a long time, this is a huge benefit to those of us in the Midwest to support NASA and a track that is close by for us to play on!!

Bill Pemberton
[email protected]

5.M0NSTER 3/21/19 05:32 PM

Wow, this is a great cause and sounds cool as hell. Anyone signing up?

Bert 3/27/19 11:04 AM

I am too far away to join the event, but I might send a donation . . . . how does this benefit flood victims?

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