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Tytycrouch 3/28/19 11:40 AM

Hello, I don't know where to start but I am 18 and am doing a timing chain repair on my v6 2007 Mustang. I am almost finished taking all of the timing chains out and replacing them but I have some questions.
- Where can I get a diagram or schematics for the wiring harness hookups
- do I need new gaskets that go around the underside of the engine where the oil reserve is
- It there a diagram to put the thing back together because I've documented the process of taking the engine and parts out very well I'm scared I'm gonna miss something

I would appreciate the help, ive spent many hours getting to this point in my engine repair, I know its wayyyyyy easier to buy a new engine but i don't have the money for that and the experience is nice. I would love to learn more about how to check the engine's timing to make sure it's right and any resources out there that could help me with that would be awesome.

JcRacing 3/28/19 05:25 PM

have you watched a youtube video of the job yet? Lots of good information to be learned if you pay attention. Aldata will sell you the repair info, diagrams, tsb info also. good luck

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