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Hytek 1/8/12 01:27 AM

What did you do with your Mustang today?
I can't believe we don't have one of these threads yet.....

What did you do with your Mustang today?

Today I drove her to work down some curvey back roads with the nanny button off. **** I love this cool weather!!

Pete07GT 1/8/12 03:09 AM

Fed her $20 worth of premium and cruised the main streets with a buddy downtown revving and getting screams from women and rooting from dudes as the flowmasters echoed off of the buildings.

2011GB/CS 1/8/12 04:36 AM

I installed my Moroso Oil Seperator and gave her $23.00 bucks worth of premium gas:nice:

BoogieNights 1/8/12 08:44 AM

I looked at pics of mine :nice:

SilverSkoundrel 1/8/12 08:51 AM

Drove her to work thats all ive had time for today so far

NinjaSteffers 1/8/12 09:12 PM

Walked by her in the driveway as we left today and blew her a kiss lol

Took the rental car out today it gets 30 something mpg's! Man I wish my car got that

lalayla 1/8/12 09:13 PM

Drove her to Starbucks and back.

Womprat 1/8/12 09:21 PM

Put 14 gallons of premium in her, hit Dunkin Donuts and then the no-touch car wash, drove her home and wiped her dry, cleaned the windows and rims and called it a day.

Pete07GT 1/8/12 09:23 PM

Wished I could have detailed her insides for a 3rd time this week... :(

That's what he said.

cpotts13 1/8/12 09:23 PM

Washed mine, it rained...., washed it again, and drove around some :)

unnoticedtrails 1/8/12 09:32 PM

Did everyday stuff. It's my daily driver so I go everywhere with mine. ;)

lalayla 1/8/12 09:33 PM

Originally Posted by unnoticedtrails
Did everyday stuff. It's my daily driver so I go everywhere with mine. ;)

Mine too. Drove her to PA and back. Probably not again though. Roads were miserable.

Pete07GT 1/8/12 09:34 PM

I took mine to Walmart as well but honestly, I've been dying to try out a new stain remover I picked up last week. The owner before me cracked open one of those stupid stress balls and stained the driver's seat AND carpet. It looks like a puddle of "white stuff" sitting right between my nether region and my feet while driving. It kills me every time I get in to drive my car!!!

lalayla 1/8/12 09:39 PM

Are you sure that's what happened?

Pete07GT 1/8/12 10:22 PM

Originally Posted by lalayla
Are you sure that's what happened?

I don't have the money to take on forensic evidence and CSI out Layla. The guy who owned it prior is a trustworthy chap. I have no reason to believe he pulled a Monica Lewinsky on the driver's seat prior to my taking ownership. :)

Five Oh Brian 1/9/12 12:30 AM

I took my brother in law for a ride in my '11 GT today for the first time. Nice weather and he wanted to see how it launches so I did a John Force burnout on a back road and filled the sky with smoke before blasting a quick 0-60. I love the smell of tire smoke!

TURBO2000GT 1/9/12 12:33 AM

I went to the garage and I looked at The mustang aka Snickle fritz I just thought to myself what a pain in the a$$ to clean this spring :(

Shelby08 1/9/12 12:36 AM

washed it and got it appraised on a trade in :'(

White94GT 1/9/12 06:34 PM

Installed my new heads, cam and intake and rockers to my new shortblock :-) !!!

NinjaSteffers 1/9/12 07:08 PM

Watched as the rain poured down on her

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