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2k7gtcs 7/9/08 09:15 AM

Mustangs Coast to Coast
Ok ladies and gentlemen I call to order the official thread of Mustangs Coast to Coast. Founding members Nathan, Jill, Ed, Arin, David, Glenn, Gary and many others who plan to post here about their Mustangs and their enjoyment of Mustangs, cars, TMS, and life in general. Welcome to all who enter and post. We are just a group of Mustang lovers from all over the country and Canada who tend to get a little wacky posting in the OTC. Feel free to post and tell us what you think of our cars or our ideas and enjoy a little humor too.


GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:17 AM

Yeh it's up Thank-You Gary and the name ROCKS's too !

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:22 AM

sO i was wondering if other coastal members are having a problem that tree sap crap & what they do wash car twice a day put the car cover on and peel it off 5 minutes later as they have to go somewhere ? any ideas .

2k7gtcs 7/9/08 09:22 AM

OK Ed now what?

My name is Gary and I'm a Mustang fanatic.

Anyone else?

2k7gtcs 7/9/08 09:24 AM

IDK I've got a garage. The only tree problem I have is pollen from my neighbors giant oak trees in the spring and leaves, lots of leaves, in the fall. The predominant wind blows from his yard into mine all day every day. What kind of trees are giving you the sap problem?

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:29 AM

Arbutus & get this I don't even have one it's the nieghbors and her boyfriend is a space cadet at best. if I rake them and leave in a pile by the fence he goes mental and says they'll blow in his yard (not his) but hers so I say well hety see where they came from. I do pick them up but I need to make that point like he should rake mine up uh huh. So they don't blow in my Mustang if I leave the windows down.

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:32 AM

We need at best to post a picture of who we are in our user profile not the avitar but our user I'll change mine now.

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:34 AM

and two red pony's isn't fair Jill

2k7gtcs 7/9/08 09:38 AM

I would have to have a picture of myself. Unforunately the camera keeps breaking. lol

I've got a couple at home on the home computer, I'll put up tonight.

08GTCandyApple 7/9/08 09:40 AM

No garage here either. We used to have 3 giant pines lining the driveway but we eventually cut them down. The sap was miserable and we needed to widen the driveway anyway. With 5 vehicles, travel trailer, enclosed trailer and 4 wheeler trailer we needed more room. Now it's 3 cars wide and about 100' long (and we still manage to have to play musical cars) Our next door neighbors have a couple of those nasty gum trees. Those nasty little gummy's blow into my yard, stick to the camper and stick to my dog too. Then she tracks them in the house and they stain my floor. They have been talking about cutting them down.........and I can't wait for the day!

2k7gtcs 7/9/08 09:42 AM

So you just use a weatherproof car cover Ed. Is the Stang the daily driver?

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:49 AM

yupper it is and oh How I love to drive it, I have the cover it just seems that at this time of year the sap drizzles a little more at least the pollun in at a halt , that yellow mustard cake is gross, oh well washing by hand is good you become more in tune with it's body and develope quite the love affair as well. :nice::grin:

2k7gtcs 7/9/08 09:54 AM

Oh yeah. This car is only washed by hand. I use two 5 gallon buckets with the grit guards in the bottom and a clean fresh microfiber bone sponge and always check for particles and shake out the sponge in the buckets to let the grit sink to bottom. I feel kind of bad sometimes because the kids love to help me and I try to teach them how to wash it, but the littler ones will drop the sponge on the ground, and I'm like you can't put that back on the car its got to be cleaned first so that any grit on the sponge won't make scratches in the car. I wash the car way too much. I recently got the Ice car wash soap. It suds up really well and seems to be very soft and smooth on the finish. It gets the car clean without using a harsh soap.

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 09:58 AM

Mequire's products seem to work best for my baby, and then after I found that detail spray sure brings up the luster, and that's when the birds comes out.

2k7gtcs 7/9/08 10:02 AM

How many Mustangs has everyone had. This is number 1 for me. I wanted one really bad in high school. I had a buddy with an '88 LX 4 banger and another buddy with an '89 white GT vert with red interior and white top. There was even a guy with an SVO, maybe like an '84 or so in red and black. I had a practical truck for work and wanted a Mustang really bad, then I wanted one even more with the SN95 especially Cobras, well when the S197 came out my mind was made up, but it took me 3 years to finally convince the wife. I found a used '05 in black with red interior that I was going to buy and brought home from the Ford lot for the weekend, but my wife hated the interior and she was pregnant at the time and instead I ended up getting her a new SUV. So here I am first and only Mustang ever. Hopefully I will have it a very long time and maybe someday add another. Plus maybe someday I'll get one of my daughters a 4 or a 6 cylinder.

Glenn 7/9/08 10:08 AM

good morning

mustangs are cool

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 10:22 AM

Good Morning Glenn

GottaHaveIt 7/9/08 10:25 AM

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when I'm bored out of my tree I find myself a 45 year old my son keeps reminding me when I go out on my Hotwheel bidges , that I do this kinda thing

StangMahn 7/9/08 10:37 AM

^ive got a couple of those kits ed

I dont have any trees around me, we used to have two big nice trees out front, but my dad had them cut down, and now the lawn is bare, and gets unbelievably hot in the summer time. The biggest factor for my car getting dirty is stupid 30 second rainshowers! I hate water spots

you came up with a great name Jill!

StangMahn 7/9/08 10:40 AM

oh yeah, and I dont have a Stang yet, just an idea of what I want mine to be, so it'll be 3+ years before I see anything come to fruition.
forgive the name, I can't come up with a good name for my project; and Im working on the interior drawing now.

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