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MIH055 4/7/19 01:49 AM

Newby From NZ
Howdy all,
Just purchased my first Mustang, a 2008 V8 GT with auto box, in Dark Candy Apple Red.
Looking forward to checking out TMS & gaining some insight & knowledge from some of you guys & girls out there.

If you're wondering about my user name, try MI HOSS!!

Cheers, Paul

1 Alibi 2 4/10/19 08:36 AM

Welcome to TMS..

Mustang Freak 4/10/19 05:33 PM

Welcome and congrats on your first pony! :yup:

m05fastbackGT 4/13/19 03:52 PM


tukatz 4/13/19 04:56 PM

Welcome from Texas. We were among a group that shipped our Morgans to New Zealand in 2004 and spent five weeks touring the North and South Islands. Loved it.

shaneyusa 4/14/19 06:32 PM

Welcome to TMS! Congrats on your new ride! Would love to see some pictures. Post plenty, don't be stingy. :grin:

Hey by the way I love you country. Was there in late 2017. Beautiful place and really want to return. Spent about 10 days on the South Island and another week on the North. While on the south we drove from Queenstown to Christchurch via Lake Moeraki along the on the west coast. (Not in a Mustang though, but a Holden Trax SUV. They are known as a Chevrolet Trax over here. Way too small.). Loved the drive and want to see more. Was a bit scary on those narrow roads you guys have, not to mention the 1 lane bridges. Driving on the left was the big challenge, but got use to it by the time I hit Christchurch. :nice: While there met a guy from Blenheim that had an '08 Shelby GT500 that he had up to near 600hp. Have fun! Enjoy the beast!

GrnT 4/21/19 09:28 AM

Welcome to TMS

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