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J2KinFLA 4/11/19 03:01 PM

New Mustang owner
so Iím picking up my 2001 Mustang GT Convertible tomorrow. Itís my first Mustang, and my friends are going to have a field day giving me 💩. Due to carpal tunnel, Florida having horrible drivers, and living where the roads are a grid, Iím giving up motorcycling for now. Iíve been searching for a convertible with a manual, preferably a 5 speed, and after a long search filled with enough bs to farm for a decade..... I found her. Sheís mint! Seriously one of the cleanest used cars Iíve ever bought. 2 owner, second owner only had it a few months, and always garage kept. Worked for a Ford dealership way back when she was new, I always liked test driving these when I had the chance. Thanks for the forum. Hopefully Iíll get to share the joy in f my ownership experience here.

Mustang Freak 4/11/19 04:27 PM

Welcome and congrats now post some pics! :yup:

m05fastbackGT 4/13/19 03:46 PM


J2KinFLA 4/15/19 11:28 AM

Finally! Picked her up today
Hell of a tan line from the bra, but it had to go 😂

Mustang Freak 4/15/19 01:15 PM

:nice: :lol: Bra line!

GrnT 4/21/19 09:25 AM

Sweet Vert. Lucky find. Congrats on the purchase.

m05fastbackGT 4/22/19 07:59 PM

Nice find, including bra line lol. Anyway, congrats and welcome to TMS :nice:

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