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MustangConvert11 9/28/15 04:58 PM

New Ford Convert
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Hey you guys.

So,I grew up with my Dads 68 in our garage, but I never really liked it. As a matter of fact, I complained about it constantly, called it ugly, etc etc. My dream car was a 4th Gen Pontiac Firebird. And, once I got into college, I got a 2000 and fixed it up. Brand new interior, my dad and I completely replaced it with a new engine, etc. Well, fast forward after about a year of fixing it up....

....and I'm done. Everything about that car was designed horribly. It took us 4 hours just to get one bolt off the flywheel because of GM's poor placement.
The plastic interior is thin and cracks extremely easily, the headliner is designed badly to where it started sagging after a couple weeks due to bad design, etc. I really hate that car. And since I go to college out of state, 8+ hours away from home, when it kept breaking down, I had no one to help me tow it.

SO, long story short, my parents came up and took it home to sell it and used some of my money to buy a 2011 Performance White V6 Mustang, which is my new car. After some mods, it's absolutely incredible. And thats how I got here.

TL;DR F-Bodies suck, Mustangs rock.

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