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Flagstang 11/2/09 06:32 PM

The thing you Hate most today
Every day on my ride home from work me and my car pool bud(my nephew) pic the top 1 things that made us angry.


people that cant drive becuase they are a million years old and or sling blade.

2k7gtcs 11/2/09 06:35 PM

People who have no concept of the use of the turn signal mechanism.

These are the people who obviously first learned to drive a car before turn signals even existed. Maybe they'd be more at home with a buggy whip. They probably learned how to stick the arm out the window, but can't seem to operate that little stick on the steering column to save their life.

They leave it on driving down the road. Signal left when they are changing lanes to the right. And then never signal when turning right into a parking lot or another street.

I hate those people.


Zastava_101 11/2/09 06:35 PM

Waiting for people to find paperwork that I told them they need to find last week.

zzcoop 11/2/09 06:50 PM

People who post disturbing photos of themselves.

05GT-O.C.D. 11/2/09 06:51 PM

I hated driving to work, I hated being at work, I hated coming back to work after lunch. As a matter of fact, the only thing that could've sucked worse was if I had no job at all an was in the unemployment line. Be thankful for what we have, I guess.

shaun_beauchamp 11/2/09 07:29 PM

I hate the word hate. :dunno: I can't say I haven't been in worse conditions in my life. I am dissappointed in people who come to work sick and get you sick. Just got over the latest flu.

houtex 11/2/09 09:12 PM

Today? Hm. I hate that it was a beautiful day, and I had to work, which precluded me from riding Ride all through the countryside.

/I'll hate the same thing tomorrow.
//and Wednesday.
///and, well, all week, including Saturday, because I promised my grandma I'd show up at her house... and I gotta take mom with me.
////it's ok. I'll ride Sunday morning, then Texans, then more ride, because I got mom out on Saturday.
/////if it doesn't rain that day... :|
//////gonna have to start takin' Ride to work sometimes...
///////wow, 7 slashies. A record here I think.

Blue Notch 11/2/09 09:29 PM

People that cut you off only to stop in the middle of the road so they can parallel park. :screwy: Stupid city roads. :bad:

StangMahn 11/2/09 09:32 PM

waiting on someone to make it to a meeting...and being like an hour late, when I had stuff to do otherwise

2k7gtcs 11/2/09 10:30 PM

I hate the Philadelphia Eagles professional football team...and the Oklahoma Sooners collegiate football team.

Not the individual players mind you, but the TEAMS and/or FRANCHISES.

You can also include the following teams...

Washington Redskins
Pittsburgh Steelers
L A Lakers

I think that's about it.

hi5.0 11/2/09 10:51 PM

My stupervisor at work.

GT40 2 11/3/09 12:45 AM

A few of the people I work with.

Flagstang 11/3/09 01:07 AM

Originally Posted by zzcoop (Post 5757002)
People who post disturbing photos of themselves.

"From my experiments with sexiness, seems like a lot of people are afraid at first, and fear usually equals violence. But eventually I'll win their hearts and instead of fighting they'll want to make love to me."
"Even the men?"
"Yep." - Chris Pontius

Antigini-GT/CS 11/3/09 03:27 AM

I hate that my car is still dirty. =(

houtex 11/3/09 03:32 AM

I hate that I woke up with a headache. :(

Glenn 11/3/09 05:24 AM

don't hate

Antigini-GT/CS 11/3/09 10:55 AM


2k7gtcs 11/3/09 11:27 AM

I hate my immune systems allergic reaction to pollen. It's just pollen little buddies, leave it be.

Knight Rider 11/3/09 12:26 PM

I hate the feeling that you want to stay and sleepmore whe you know you have to wake up.

zzcoop 11/3/09 12:42 PM

I hate explosive diarrhea.

The regular kind, I'm fine with.

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