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Twilightblu92 8/28/04 08:36 PM

By: Mike Thomas | Ford Communications Network

The Ford Thunderbird's 50th Birthday party has begun with the introduction of this commemorative U.S. Postal Service stamp.
DEARBORN, Mich., Aug. 20, 2004 -- The 50th birthday party has begun for Ford Thunderbird. To mark the occasion, the U.S. Postal Service has unveiled a stamp featuring the 1955 Thunderbird. The stamp is one of five saluting sporty cars of the 1950s.
Thunderbird magic started half a century ago at Detroit's first post-war auto show. Since then, the flight of the Thunderbird has included sporty two-seaters, convertibles and four-door models, as well as hardtops and sedans -- more than 1.2 million in total.

Over the years, the Thunderbird has sported the "square" look, the "projectile" look, the jet aircraft look and the luxury look. Yet, through the years and through many changes, Thunderbird's original uniqueness and individuality managed to etch itself permanently into the hearts and memories of the American motoring public.

The current version continues to be successful in its mission: It has drawn more new customers to Ford and has higher customer satisfaction than any other Ford vehicle.

The other sporty cars of the 1950s being honored with a commemorative stamp are a 1954 Kaiser Darrin, a 1952 Nash Healey and a 1953 Studebaker Starlight.

The Thunderbird stamp was illustrated by Art Fitzpatrick. Art Fitzpatrick has had a long and colorful history working in automotive advertising over the course of almost three decades. The sporty cars of the 1950s stamps will go on sale next summer at post offices nationwide or online at

Evil_Capri 8/28/04 09:13 PM

Cool! :nice:

Be nice if they put the Supercharged Jaguar 'R' engine in the 'Bird for the 50th Anniversary before they fly away again!

Twilightblu92 8/28/04 10:12 PM

You know, I never thought about that. Oh, I forgot a couple of years ago at the NAIAS in Detroit, MI, they had a supercharged version the birds 3.9 ltr engine...think it was puttin out 03/4 cobra numbers. Ill look it up and see what I can find.

Twilightblu92 8/28/04 10:17 PM

Ahh found it...that was quick n easy. Here's the link 2003 Tbird SC concept

MustangMan311 8/29/04 08:16 AM

Nice! Might have to pick me up a few...

FrankBullitt05 8/30/04 04:29 PM

Originally posted by Twilightblu92@August 28, 2004, 10:20 PM
Ahh found it...that was quick n easy. Here's the link 2003 Tbird SC concept
It looks really :mad: in person... I'm sure that someone makes that hood in the aftermarket...

Well, I know what stamp I'm putting on my bills :jester:

Twilightblu92 8/30/04 09:11 PM

Yea, it does. I wish I could've sat in it, and I don't see why they can't make it...something to at least give the SL and XLR a run for their money, of course they would have to take away some of that baby fat on the Tbird. The only draw back I can see would be the price, cause it's already a 40K car, then again both the 2 metioned above have a base price well above that so who knows :dunno:

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