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Burnhaven 4/12/19 12:16 PM

Shaker 500 system -- only one speaker in each door?
I had the stereo replaced and everything works including the two shaker 500 door woofers, but it seems like there is also a smaller door speaker above the woofer. Is that just an empty grill? When they look on the inside of the door panel in this video, only the woofer is present. Perhaps that's just a grill that is used when you have the stock speaker system?

houtex 4/13/19 10:07 PM

There are six speakers in the Shaker 500.

Two sub woofers, mounted in the door panel, that's what you see here.

Four 6x8 speakers, two mounted in the package tray under the rear window (and are a *pain* to extract/install) and two in the doors themselves.

This video does not show the door speakers, as he's already removed the door panels.

Here's a video showing the speakers, as this is the actual removal:

You'll see the door panel come off, and the speaker is shown on the door. Or just look at the thumbnail picture, it's right there too. Nifty.

Hope that helps! :nice:

Burnhaven 4/14/19 05:45 AM

Thanks. Too bad the whole panel has to come off to address the speakers. I'm pretty sure the upper speaker on the passenger side isn't working, although it is hard to tell with the woofer putting out sound just below it. I may as well have a replacement 6x8 on hand before I pull the panel even if it turns out to be a loose or corroded connection.

05YellowGT 4/15/19 05:25 AM

The 6X8 OEM speakers have both the mid and high range cones, on mine the high range cone was on the lower end and fired into the side of the dash. I flipped them around so the high cone is on top, and it definitely helped on mine.

Burnhaven 4/15/19 05:44 AM

These days I don't even have a garage to work in so might take it to the dealer for a speaker replacement. I know that's going to cost me at least an hour's labor plus a marked up speaker price, unless they let me bring in my own.

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