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SleepingBear 8/12/18 07:28 AM

Power steering fuse
Is there any way to have the power steering pump disconnected by pulling a fuse or something? Can't locate any fuse on the fuse box diagram, just so I can drive the Mustang to the garage. At this moment the pump projectiles everything out when the car starts.
If it's not possible, is there any way to tow the Mustang as I read and tried to locate any point to attach a pulling cable, there isn't any...Am I right?

houtex 8/12/18 06:38 PM

There's no fuse. It's mechanical, run on the serpentine belt.

While there's probably *a* way to do it, there's no practical way to do this. Draining the pump is a bad idea. Trying to figure out how to bypass it and still have the accessories otherwise work is going to be pointless at the end of it. You're stuck with towing it.

And from that, there's only one way safely tow the car: Flatbed tow truck, car trailer, or tow dolly. I'd be choosing the flatbed.

Trying to pull it around is not advised. For several reasons I'll just skip.

Be safe and reasonable about it. Don't try to square peg/round hole this. Do it right, ok? Ok. :nice:


That said... I'd be replacing the pump myself. Hardest part is the pulley removal. And it's messy, but oh well.
Here's the manual pages regarding:

And a video (albeit for a 5.4L, but for all Mustangs '05-09, it's pretty much the same idea):

BE SURE TO DO RESEARCH ANYWAY. This video is nice and all, but you'll likely find something out of order/not quite the same. Still, it's pretty decent for an overview!

Be sure to drain whatever fluid out. Easiest is to suck the fluid out of the reservoir with a 'turkey baster'.

Line. Wrenches.

Racheting box wrenches.

Long, angled needle nose or other hose clamp removal thingy.

Normalish other tools.

If that helps. Hope it does. Good dang luck to ya! :nice:

SleepingBear 8/13/18 01:05 PM

Thanks for the answer. Will see were it will land.

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