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1999Pony 3/1/13 10:55 AM

3.8L Mods and How To's
So after bluethunderhorse made his awesome post, it lit a fire for me to finally make the one Ive been planning to do for a while now for our sixxers.

Heres a bunch of stuff Ive picked up over the years.... And Ill update as I find more.

All the Info You'll Ever Need on the Ford 3.8
Lots of Good Tech Articles
V6 Dyno Results with Mods
More Dyno Results

-How Pusher, Lifters, and Rockers Work
-Power Adders
-Supercoupe Blower Install
-M90 Supercharger Swap
-M90 Swap
-M112 Swap
-ZEX Nitrous Install
-Various Mods
-Split Port Intake Port and Polish
-Split Port Differences
-Official Split Port Swap
-4.2 Swap
-LC-1/LM-2 to SCT setup
-94-95 302 Swap

-4R70W JMOD Shift Kit
-4R70W JMOD 2
-Windstar Intake Swap

-7.5 Rear End
-8.8 Swap Info
-Gears Rpm Calculation

-Suspension Basics
-Suspension FAQ
-Various Spring Rates
-Drag Setups

-Exhaust info and Clips
-More Exhaust Clips
-Header Comparison
-Muffler Dyno Comparison

-Super Six Motorsports
-Morana V6 Racing

steven46746 3/1/13 12:53 PM

Nice work, makes me want a v6 DD to fix up a bit ;)

Blackout 3/1/13 04:31 PM

Wow this is Amazing research

Blackout 3/1/13 04:33 PM

Thanks for this awesome gift

Blackout 3/1/13 05:28 PM

The guy in the nitrous zex install needs to update his tool box.. Lol

Supersnake04 6/23/14 06:12 PM

The zex nitrous one could come in handy In the near future.

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