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coolkilled 3/20/19 03:16 PM

Window Electrical issue during restoration
Hi all,

so during our restoration and putting things back together after paint....our tech decided to get brand new window motors, because he thought the driver side motor was going problem i got 2 brand new with metal housings/gears, perfect....after putting the windows back in with new guides, etc...he went to use the switch and the windows didn't move, neither he figured maybe we need new switches, so he got new switches, both sides....still no movement....he said there is power to the motors and to the switches, a little research and some one said check the kick panel driver side for a relay, or under the driver side dash....nothing seemed out of place or broken, etc....but still no movement...can some one shed some light on this for us....we've been told to check schematics (i have my original HAYNES with all the wiring diagrams)...i'm sure one of you can figure this simple issue out for me, tx....FYI, the windows worked perfect before car was dismantled for paint and body, both doors came off.

1986 mustang cobra gt, with power windows, manual locks, power gas release, no power hatch, no alarm....

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