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transmission issue?

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transmission issue?

Hello! I am new to posting threads, but would like some opinions on a issue with my mustang.
I own a 1966 mustang, 289 engine with 3-speed transmission.
The family and I took our beloved stang out for a hour yesterday and it was running fine. We were about a mile from the storage unit where we keep when the oil pressure gauge went below low. Engine didn't act any different at this point. When I tried to drive the car in the storage unit, I couldn't get the front tires to roll over a two lip in the storage unit concrete while in first gear. I turned the car off and put it in neutral and my wife and I tried to push the car but it would not budge. At this point I had started the car back up, put the car in reverse and had the RPM up high and she moved backwards. Then put the car in first and had the RPM up high and finally got it in the storage unit. It was probably not the best idea to do that, but had to get her put away.
I ended up spending the night thinking what could have gone wrong. First thing that puzzled me was not being able to push the car in neutral. I thought maybe jacking up the rear and seeing if the rear wheels and drive train would freely move. Thoughts on this?
Next for what is happening on not able to move the car in gear. Could this be a clutch box issue or linkage issue.
I have never worked on a transmission and need all the help I can get. All opinions are welcome.
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I assume by 3-speed you're talking manual transmission and not the Cruise-O-Matic 3 speed auto, right? Right. That said, your clutch is most likely done. It's sort of odd it'd just give up like that, but it does happen.

It's also entirely possible that there's something wrong with the transmission itself, but it's sort of unlikely given that the car did reverse, albeit at high RPM, then move again in first at high RPM, so I'm thinkin' the gearbox is ok, no linkage issues...

The more alarming thing... to me is the engine oil pressure going too low, but I'd be hoping that's a gauge/sender issue, not an actual oiling issue... but then... all this combined...

Nah, how could the oil get that far behind the flywheel and get to the clutch? No way. So it's just a clutch, I'd recon. High RPM is making it work, but that's my guess.

In any event, here's a couple of videos for you to peruse. The first is a 2005-2010 mustang clutch replacement video, which is fantastic as an overall guide to what's involved with this operation.

And the second is from CJPony regarding a '67 V8 having to get a the three speed transmission out to put in a newer T5, but it should help in your case overall, I'd think. The car had been modded for exhaust (among other things) and that's good info to know what to do. Also, convertible chassis plate. Funtimes.

I must admit to being a little jealous of the transmission comin' off the bellhousing, the '06 doesn't do that... fun.

Please do report back with whatever it winds up being, I'd be interested to know for sure and see if I guessed correctly: bad clutch.

Welcome to the forums!

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Thank you for the great response. Going to take a look at the videos tonight.

And yes I was referring to a manual transmission.

With having a bad clutch, would that make the rear tires lock up so you couldn't push the car? And I am concerned about the low oil pressure. Guess wishful thinking it is just a bad oil send unit or dash gauge.

I will keep you posted as to what happens.

Please, if anyone else wants to comment then I am open ears.
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If the clutch was not disengaged, and the transmission not in neutral, yes, the car would still be difficult. If it was in neutral, and/or the clutch disengaged, there might be another issue, and the transmission now seems somewhat more likely a problem..

I think you might want to consider taking it to a shop, as working on a transmission itself is a lil' bit of a daunting task. Not an inconsiderable amount of parts in weird configurations with hammers needed in the case of a 3 speed. Not impossible, but... not exactly for the masses, y'know? It's an 'anyone with the tools, a manual and decent smarts can do it!' kind of thing, but when you see it being done... eh. I think I'm payin'.

part one of three with only parts 1 and 3 available...

Gives you an idea of how to take it apart (and therefore what's maybe involved with the reassembly.) Part three... two... I dunno:

Then an EricTheCarGuy video on a T5 which is top to bottom, front to back, disassembly and rebuild, and is just to show ya pros at work versus... well, me.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part Final:

Hope that helps too. Good luck again!

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