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raif281 3/14/16 06:23 PM

66 Coupe
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So I have a friend who's had this 66 coupe he's had for several or so years. I got to talking with him the other day about it an he's like man I can't afford to restore it because of his young kids. So I told him I was really interested in it, then today he shoots me a message saying he would sell it to me for $1500. there is a little rust under the hood by the battery and and the center console hump thing. the doors and good have been placed due to some rust and bad body work, it needs to be stripped, filled and painted, and the engine needs new seals and gaskets. I think he said he has a reinforced gt350 hood for it.

I have two main questions

1) if the frame and rest of the body are in good shape with no rust is $1500 a good price? I would probably give him $1000 cash

2) restoration cost

im looking at the picture below and the little info I have on it what would be a really rough estimate of a well done resorption if everything went ok.

for you other 66 coupe guys how much has your restoration costed you so far? just trying to see what I'm getting myself into.

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Homer2 6/26/18 11:05 PM

Have you finished the 66 yet?

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