Dragster’s 2000 Mustang GT Should Inspire Us All

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Ronnie Diaz

Among all the personal stories we come across about Mustangs, there are “the stories” and then there are “the stories” that tell of how a passion for the cars have really changed a person’s life.

Such is the case with drag racer Ronnie Diaz’s and his 2000 Ford Mustang GT as detailed in a Sept. piece published at MuscleMustangsFastFords.com.

The story of Diaz, also known as “Modfather,” is one of triumph off the track as well as on.

After once being so addicted to cocaine that he was selling parts on his 2000 Mustang, Diaz has since turned his life around. In fact, after returning to the racing circuit he finished second in his class last year in the NMRA series with his GT that now generates roughly 1,400 rwhp.

But even more important, Diaz has been sober now for five years.

A major turning point for the New Jersey native, as detailed in the MuscleMsutangsFastFords.com story, was an episode of the show “PINKS.”

“As an outpatient I was at home on the couch watching PINKS with my dad, and I said I’d like to get back into racing,” said Diaz. “I saw that PINKS was coming to E-town, my home track, and with the help of my parents and Mustang Magic on Long Island, we got the car running 10s, still in street trim. I applied to get on the show and made it to PINKS, and even made it on TV. It really helped me.”

As much as we love sharing stories of Mustangs winning races, we like sharing ones like these even more.

via: MuscleMustangsFastFords.com

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