Canadian Woman Hit with $47,000 Bill for Rented Mustang

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Mustang Rental
As much as we love Mustangs, we hardly would expect anyone to pay $47,000 to rent one for two days ­ even for one of the rarest model.

However, that’s the bill one woman got stock with after returning one of the Ford pony cars to an Enterprise location in Canada.

After returning the car to one of the company’s rental spots in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Kristen Cockerill was informed that the Mustang was stolen and that she was responsible for replacing it, according to a CBC news report.

At issue is the fact that Cockerill returned the Mustang to the rental spot on Sunday when the rental spot was actually closed, which Enterprise says makes her responsible for the missing car even though she dropped the key in a secured drop box.

When questioned about the incident by CBC, Enterprise spokesman Ned Maniscalco informed the news network that while the company is reviewing the case, their policy clear states that Cockerill is responsible for the Mustang.

“Keep in mind that a sign prominently displayed on the key drop-box reminds customers that the vehicle remains their responsibility until it can be checked in by an employee,” he reportedly wrote in an email to CBC.

“Sometimes customers mistakenly believe if they didn’t personally cause or witness any damage that they are not responsible,” Maniscalco continued. “This is one of the most common misconceptions. In fact, customers are financially responsible for any damage or theft that occurs during a rental transaction, regardless of fault or negligence — just as if they owned the rental vehicle themselves.”

In other words, that two day thrill of driving a Mustang, could still end up costing Cockerill $47,000 after Enterprise wraps up its so-called investigation.

via [CBC News]

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