Boost12 Mustang Cobra Slaughters Competition at No-Prep Mayhem

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Twin-turbo New Edge Mustang writes checks it can cash at Kansas City International

Drag racers talk. We know it’s part of racing. People challenge each other between races, and then either back it up or don’t. For the Boost12 Cobra team that show up on Street Outlaws from time to time, however, No-Prep Mayhem at Kansas City International was time for action, not talk.

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Joey Rabiola and his Boost12 are no strangers to event wins. They’ve racked up a pile of cash and trophy victories with their 2003 Cobra. But Rabiola was in no mood for talk when he turned up to KC.

“I want to run over the whole field,” he says in the video above. “We’re here to win the event. We’re not here to do first-round callouts.”

Boost12 backed that declaration with relative ease. The Mustang mowed through the Small Tire bracket despite some minor tuning issues. In the semifinals, the Boost12 Cobra spotted the bright-orange Fox Body Mustang a car length before running it down with ease after 330 feet. In the finals, a failed trans brake left Rabiola to launch the car with only a foot brake. That’s no small feat in a car with thousands of horsepower, but he got the power down and outran the Boosted Ego New Edge Mustang for the cash prize.

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In its current iteration, the Chicago-based Boost12 runs a Big Block Chevy prepared by Fast Forward Race Cars in Plainfield, Illinois. FFRC also built the car’s suspension, which has long since worked out the kinks after multiple seasons of racing. A pair of Precision Turbos force-feed the Chevy V8. From there, the Mustang puts down the power through a PTC torque converter on the front end of a Turboglide transmission.

All that adds up to one mean Mustang that means business. Just last year, Boost12 picked up big wins at Outlaw Armageddon and at Redemption No Prep. We expect it might find the Winner’s Circle again this year.

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