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Super Bowl Ad

The commercial that debuted just before the 2005 Super Bowl was filmed in Canada at temperatures reaching -50 degrees Fahrenheit!

Television Ads

"Cornfield" brings viewers to a familiar setting as a farmer carefully bulldozes a special path in hopes of fulfilling a promise. Soon the path is paved with asphalt, and a racecourse emerges in the middle of the cornfield. At dusk, the farmer pulls open big red barn doors to reveal a new Mustang GT. He drives it onto the track to the starting line, then stops and gets out of the car. Cornstalks begin to sway as a man approaches from deep within the field. Steve McQueen makes a special appearance. He stares at the Mustang. The farmer tosses him the keys and McQueen drives the new Mustang off into the sunset. The voiceover ends the piece with the product tagline, "The 2005 Mustang. The Legend Lives."

"Anthem" engages the viewer in a 60-second celebration of Mustang history and the American spirit. Set in Utah’s Monument Valley, the ad visually captures the freedom of America’s wide-open spaces. A red 2005 Mustang GT provides the centerpiece for the ad, "watching" brand-defining Mustang moments from the past, along with images introducing the all-new vehicle. Its signature V-8 exhaust note rumbles into a distinctive tribute: a unique automotive rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner."

"Cornfield" Commercial

"Anthem" Commercial

Print Advertising

A single sentence introduced American readers to the eagerly awaited 2005 Ford Mustang: "Give us your untamed, your assertive, your leadfoots yearning to be free." The new pony car will appear in a series of print ads that, like this one, are surprisingly light on text.

Instead of detailing new features or improved product attributes, the print ads communicate a single message. Each of the two-page spreads is a different interpretation of what it means to be a living legend. Simply, as one Mustang ad states, "One of the top five reasons America is cooler than any other country."

Print Ads
BFGoodrich Ads

Brand Integration

Viewers who tuned in to some of the hottest shows in the fall 2005 season saw their favorite characters experience the thrill of driving the new Mustang. One of the lead characters on Fox’s "The OC" got behind the wheel of a new Mustang on Nov. 4, and her vehicle was featured prominently throughout the season. After past seasons featuring Ford Focus and F-150, ABC’s "Alias" put Sydney Bristow behind the wheel of a Mustang early in 2005.

NBC aired the final fall episode of the hit show "American Dreams" on Nov. 21 commercial-free, sponsored completely by Ford and included a special five-minute video featuring Mustang. Ford returned as a primary sponsor of "American Idol" for the fourth year. Mustang and other Ford vehicles were integrated into the show.

Mustang’s extensive brand integration continued in multiple publications. In a unique tribute, Cosmopolitan and its readers select the "Ultimate Mustang Man". Readers submitted candidates they think embodied the true spirit of the Ford Mustang.

Digital Media

The 2005 Mustang’s official digital introduction arrived following months of Internet buzz about the new pony car. Ford launched the enhanced version of, its consumer website, in late September 2004, featuring information on the new Mustang and the company’s entire all-new 2005 showroom. By the end of 2004 year, was expected to generate more than one million requests by consumers for information on the new products. Nearly one third of those were for the 2005 Mustang alone.

To coincide with the national campaign, in November, Ford updated its Mustang site ( with an interactive MyColor feature that showcases the 125 different color options available on the 2005 Mustang’s IP. Users also are able to download music from the "Anthem" commercial featuring Mustang’s V8 exhaust note. Ford shared the secrets behind "Cornfield" with Mustang fans in December in a special behind-the-scenes video that was available on

Because video gaming plays such a prominent role in today’s mainstream pop culture, Ford is developing a custom-built online video game featuring Mustang and Ford GT. Both vehicles are also featured on Sony PlayStation2’s Gran Turismo 4, complete with a special online reveal promotion.