A Shelby GT500 Built Out of Lego Parts?

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When it comes to wild concepts centered on the Ford Mustang, we thought we’d just about seen them all, but apparently not.

One of the latest we’ve stumbled on is a remote control Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 built with 3,500 Lego parts.  The model car, developed by a civil engineer by the name of Fernando from Sheepo’s Garage based in Spain, features lockable doors, a functional steering wheel and a realistic suspension.

Fernando has also has designed the Shelby GT500 with a complete interior that includes a functional hood release and four seats.  The car, which measures 75X29X21 inches, also has a real five-speed gearbox and V8 engine block with cylinders.

The max speed is only about 2 mph. But that seems to be about the only thing that’s off about the model car compared to an actual Shelby GT500.

Oh, and before you ask, the answer is No.  You can’t  buy the car or any other replications of  Fernando’s creations.  The builder, however, does encourage aspiring Lego car customizers to take a stab at creating their own models if you’re up for the task with complete instructions coming soon.

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