Hot Girls and Hot Mustangs = Awesome Calendar

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Is there anything better than hot Mustangs? Of course there is: hot Mustangs with hot bikini models! It’s a tried and true combination, perfected over the years. Like chocolate and peanut butter, Tom & Jerry, or Tim Tebow and victory.

And since it’s such a classic combo, we can’t believe we didn’t post this sooner. But hey, we’re not perfect. Okay? I know this probably comes as somewhat of a shock to you, as all you’ve ever gotten from your trusty Mustang Source editors has been our utmost best, but every now and then something slips through the cracks. This just happens to be a very large crack.

We have no explanation as to why we waited a month to bring your attention to the 2012 AM Girls Calendar. For this we are eternally sorry. As an attempt to make it up to you, after the jump, we’re posting this highly informative behind the scenes video of the photo shoot.

Also, bear in mind, it’s not 2012 yet, so you and Miss January can still spend the entire month together if you act fast. Head on over to American Muscle to order yours now!

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