2015 Reveal Set For Dec. 5th

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All-New Mustang_Countdown(620)

That’s right, Ford announced yesterday that the world will see the 2015 in all of it’s glory on Thursday, December 5th.

They are doing six simultaneous debut showings in six cities across four continents: Dearborn, MI; New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Barcelona, Spain, Shanghai, China; and Sydney, Australia; as well as tons of coverage across various social media platforms.

But, since the countdown has begun, Ford is releasing a teaser pic daily. And yesterdays tease is a great one, as you can see by the picture here.

You can follow us here at TMS for all of the information as it comes out, as well as go check out all of the official Ford social media sites.


And be sure to check out http://www.mustanginspires.com

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All-New Mustang_Countdown

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