There’s no way around it, the 2013/’14 Shelby GT500 is a legend. Beyond its killer looks, corner carving abilities and other high-zoot features, it’s got that mighty 5.8L “Condor” cammer motor and it’s a force to be reckoned with! Why with some simple mods and more boost, we’re talking four-digit horsepower with ease! Take for [...]

Little is known about this ultra clean Fox-body coupe with the heart of a GT500, but there’s no missing the fact it’s one bad ride! It not only packs a GT500 motor under the hood, but it’s force-fed by a Lysholm Vortech 3.3L blower sipping on E85 and pushing it all through an automatic. We’re [...]

Chris Cruz’s 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L automatic is no joke! It pulls the wheels with authority on the way to an 8.54 @ 160MPH! The killer combo consists of an L&M Engines built 302, 4.0L Whipple Crusher blower, Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet throttle body, Ford Racing 10-rib setup, ATI overdriven damper, JLT Super Big [...]

Everyone loves the Terminator Cobras, especially one that’s been cammed, slammed and wearing a Whipple blower. The mod motors have always sounded great and with a nice exhaust and aftermarket cams, they jump to another level. Have a listen to this wicked 2004 Cobra that’s got a stock bottom-end fortified with Crower Stage 3 cams, [...]

Each year holds the Mustang Mayhem dyno competition. Six of the sickest street cars they could find hit the rollers to see who reigned supreme. The competition consisted of everything from three-valve S197s and Terminator Cobras to GT500s of different vintages and even a Shelby Super Snake. Despite 95 degree ambient temps, competitors rolled [...]