Although the title of the video on the YouTube channel states “Whipple and Turbo Cobras,” we can’t see a turbo Cobra … anywhere. Maybe we’re blind; then again, maybe we’re not, but I digress because you don’t need turbos when you’ve got blowers this big.

There’s no way around it, the 2013/’14 Shelby GT500 is a legend. Beyond its killer looks, corner carving abilities and other high-zoot features, it’s got that mighty 5.8L “Condor” cammer motor and it’s a force to be reckoned with! Why with some simple mods and more boost, we’re talking four-digit horsepower with ease! Take for []

Little is known about this ultra clean Fox-body coupe with the heart of a GT500, but there’s no missing the fact it’s one bad ride! It not only packs a GT500 motor under the hood, but it’s force-fed by a Lysholm Vortech 3.3L blower sipping on E85 and pushing it all through an automatic. We’re []

Chris Cruz’s 2011 Mustang GT 5.0L automatic is no joke! It pulls the wheels with authority on the way to an 8.54 @ 160MPH! The killer combo consists of an L&M Engines built 302, 4.0L Whipple Crusher blower, Ford Racing Super Cobra Jet throttle body, Ford Racing 10-rib setup, ATI overdriven damper, JLT Super Big []

Everyone loves the Terminator Cobras, especially one that’s been cammed, slammed and wearing a Whipple blower. The mod motors have always sounded great and with a nice exhaust and aftermarket cams, they jump to another level. Have a listen to this wicked 2004 Cobra that’s got a stock bottom-end fortified with Crower Stage 3 cams, []