Ford celebrates the end of the Year of the Horse in the best way possible: with Vaughn Gittin Jr. making Inner Mongolia his own personal drift track.

This is BoostedGT, and you might recognize the car from Street Outlaws on the Discovery Channel. But when he’s not racing on the street, taking people’s money, he’s running far more legal races at local tracks around the Midwest.

MotorTrend’s Carlos Lago takes the new Mustang EcoBoost for a high-speed trial around the magazine’s Figure 8 test loop.

This SN95 swapped out the old motor for a brand new Coyote, it’s got massive slicks, and an exhaust that sounds like Beelzebub himself.

Turbo Mustang Fail

20 Feb, 2015

Turbos can be great, until you have too much boost running and it blows the intake manifold straight off the top of the engine. Yikes.