If there was any doubt that Ford has been revving up for something big with their high performance 2015 Mustangs, let it be put to rest with this new video posted as part of the Mustang Countdown series. The clip showcases the level of commitment that Ford’s SVT (Special Vehicle Team) has made to the [...]

Since the Mustang was introduced back in the 1960s, no name has been better associated with the ultimate American performance car than that of Mr. Carroll Shelby.  In the modern age of the Mustang, Shelby’s name because closely connected with Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) thanks to the modern GT500 and while the world said [...]

Article courtesy of MustangsDaily.com, your source for all the latest Ford Mustang news and articles.The 1993 SVT Cobra R is one of the rarest Mustangs ever built with just 107 produced, so it’s not very often that one comes up for sale. A pristine example will be up for grabs next week, though, at Auction America’s [...]

Article courtesy of MustangsDaily.com, your source for all the latest Ford Mustang news and articles.At the New York Auto Show back in 2012 we spoke to Shelby president John Luft who gave us some insight into the future of the company and future products. He assured us that Shelby and Ford has renewed their contract [...]