Out on the track (where this car belongs) the little EcoBoost is a stormer — more so than the GT. That’s why I’d rather have the EcoBoost.

It’s rather staggering: a survey commissioned by Ford as part of the ICON50 found that 42 percent of Americans can’t remember the last time they tried something new. Ford is doing something about that with the new Mustang’s launch.

Start getting excited for some epic hooning! Yes, everyone’s favorite GoPro and tire smoke enthusiast, Ken Block, was spotted filming Gymkhana 7 with this badass ride, a bunch of GoPros, closed-off streets, a full film crew and lots of security.

Ford Racing is getting more serious than ever with how it is boosting the new Mustang’s performance.

How has the Dodge Challenger become the most technological, forward-thinking, reasonably-priced car out there? Let me explain what I mean.