The new Mustang is going to set the world on fire, and I know that’s a bit presumptuous to say since most people haven’t even driven one yet, but it’s about to punch way above its weight, and I have a feeling it’s going to win.

While I detest the V6′s existence in the Mustang, I will admit it is a great platform to boost the hell out of to run around usually much-faster cars. The proof is in the video.

Last year, General Motors and Ford announced they would join forces to co-develop nine- and 10-speed automatic transmissions. The units will be going into both front- and rear-wheel-drive vehicles including cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks.

Ever since Ford announced it would be wedging an EcoBoost engine into the new Mustang, we’ve wondered what type of fuel economy the new pony car would get. Now we know, mostly.

It takes more than just an exhaust to create the perfect tone of every 2015 Mustang. Structure, panels, materials and more create the character that is the Ford Mustang.