Ford is a company which comprises engineers, designers, enthusiasts and strategists. Apparently, it also comprises realists. The automaker’s employees know buyers of the 2015 Mustang GT are going to take it to the drag strip, which is why it developed the new Line Lock feature. This trick software/hardware combo locks the front brakes and allows [...]

So the Blue Oval’s official name for it is “Line Lock,” but less than 20 seconds into this video, Ford Stability Control Engineer Scott Mlynarczyk refers to it how enthusiasts surely will going forward—it’s a “burnout feature.”

Little is know about this nitrous-huffing small-block Ford (SBF) powered Fox-body other than it’s here to roll heads. Seriously, in a day and age of Coyote and even GM LS swaps it’s nice to see some good ol’ SBF power getting it done at the track. True, he doesn’t win every race in the video, [...]

Now here’s an angle you don’t see everyday, a view from under the car during several 9-second passes. Thanks to the wonders of a GoPro, now we’re able to see the rear suspension and rearend in action during passes and we can even watch the front tires catching some air as this 331-equipped Fox-body dips [...]

OK, so it’s not a Mustang, but it is one of the coolest Ford-powered cars to ever roll the earth: A dragged out Cobra roadster. The car in question is owned by John Stock and competes in the ultra cool NHRA Super Stock Eliminator that has an eclectic blend of cars all competing for the [...]