There have been numerous spy photos and videos of the upcoming Mustang GT350 swirling around the interwebs, so we have a rough idea of the monster’s eventual production looks.

Recently Ford tuner Steeda stated that the 2015 Ford Mustang had gained nearly 300lbs. Later, though, they retracted their statement saying it was just a guess based on “previous experience” with IRS suspension Mustangs. Well, now a Florida dealer has shared some new information on the 2015 Mustang and it’s some great news—in a way.

Ford is a company which comprises engineers, designers, enthusiasts and strategists. Apparently, it also comprises realists. The automaker’s employees know buyers of the 2015 Mustang GT are going to take it to the drag strip, which is why it developed the new Line Lock feature. This trick software/hardware combo locks the front brakes and allows [...]

Ford couldn’t let the 50th anniversary of the Mustang pass without creating a unique model to honor the milestone. Its Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition does just that. The Blue Oval will make it easy to order one of the 1,964 cars to be produced. You’ll only be able to choose the paint color (Wimbledon [...]

A member of the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club (IMBOC) who goes by WMUCarGuy has given what could be the first real road review of the new Ford Mustang. And he pretty much confirms all the speculation that the s550 might be one of the best Mustangs to date. The IMBC member, who was transporting [...]