If there was one place to be for Mustang fans last weekend, it was Charlotte, North Carolina. Our friends over at American Muscle were there to cover all the cars, racing, and general festivities from the Charlotte celebration. It looked like a tremendous amount of fun. I mean, just look at all those cars! If [...]

The state of public driving exams in the US is very poor as it just teaches you the basics and not much else. It’s actually a wonder how we don’t have more accidents involving teen drivers out of high school with the lack of skills taught by, typically, Physical Education teachers. That’s why Ford created [...]

Celebrations honoring Ford’s iconic pony cars will be raging in earnest this weekend both in the BBQ bastion of North Carolina and way out west in Sin City. But AutoFair was way ahead of the pack when it hosted an event featuring every generation of Mustang a couple weeks back.

Hundreds of Mustang enthusiasts kicked off their 50th anniversary festivities for the Ford pony car at the Saleen Automotive headquarters in Corona, CA. The event, held April 9, served as a sendoff for Mustang owners making the cross country journey from Southern California to Charlotte, NC, for one of two major Mustang celebrations being held April 16 – [...]

Have you ever seen the timelapse footage of an army of ants dismantling a grasshopper? What you’re about to watch is the reverse process involving a car, but it’s just as impressive. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, Ford decided to recreate a publicity stunt it last pulled in 1965: displaying its automotive [...]