I’m a sucker for Fox-bodies, especially survivor cars that are saved from the grave and brought back to life. Sure there were a ton of Fox-bodies made, but there were also a heap of early Camaros made as well, and what was once considered a plentiful muscle car has slowly evaporated into a hard-to-find hot [...]

With a domestic box office take of roughly $42 million—on a budget of $66 million—Need for Speed might not have been the blockbuster Walt Disney Studios was hoping for. But the Ford Mustang which starred alongside Aaron Paul seems to have left an impression with a more than a few in the states. A $300,000 [...]

The team at Carroll Shelby International have come up with a unique and fitting tribute for the 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang. Looking to add a personal touch to the celebrations, the company has commissioned former Ford GT designer and artist Camilo Pardo to design a trailer to take to Mustang events that captures [...]

Hey, when you’re an icon as big as the Mustang celebrating your 50th birthday why wouldn’t you expect a birthday card. Well, Ford is giving everyone in the world a chance to sign one for the iconic pony car in a new social media campaign celebrating the past five decades of the Mustang. The campaign—which [...]

Ford hasn’t even started shipping the s550 to dealerships yet and high-performance shops are already working on boosting the power. One of the first appears to be Whipple Superchargers, which has developed a kit that will up the horsepower on the 2015 Mustang GT to 700 HP, according to a Motor Authority story based on [...]