For this iteration of Mustang, in comes Professor of Sideways: Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his RTR ‘Stang.

Last week I showed you the teaser image of Saleen’s Concept the FourSixteen, a tuned version of Tesla’s Model S. I can now show you what the whole car looks like in the flesh and talk a little about the performance stats.

The Ford area at the Woodward Dream Cruise runs along several miles of 9 Mile Road in Ferndale Michigan with the road being known better among Ford fans as Mustang Alley. This is one of the most impressive collections of Ford vehicles at any show in America and with the Woodward Dream Cruise being among [...]

In an effort to build a truly global platform, Ford began its shakedown of the first-ever, right-hand-drive Mustang.

Someone from the Mustang Fan Club has managed to snag a few more photos of the Roush Mustang. This pretty much confirms it. This thing is going to be one bad-ass-looking machine.