There’s no way around it, a Coyote swapped New Edge is cool. But what happens if it has a VMP TVS supercharger AND it’s stick-shifted into the 9s? Well, it’s just plain wicked! Have a look at this ultra clean 2002 Mustang GT with a tidy Coyote under the hood that’s topped with a 2.3L [...]

For a company that build fans, Flexalite’s Mustang is surprisingly hot. This is easily the coolest SN95 Mustang I saw on the show floor this week. More than anything, this car is a showcase for airbrushed art. A giant mural of a fire breathing stallion spans the underside of the hood. The devilish theme continues [...]

The annual celebration of all things aftermarket is about to get underway out here in Vegas. To doors haven’t quite opened yet for the exhibition floor, but that hasn’t stopped us from snapping some shots of the cars that are already on display. The show hasn’t even started yet and we’ve already seen some ridiculous [...]

This Cobra owner decided to ditch his modular motor in favor of a good ol’ pushrod Ford that displaces 418-cubic inches and is force-fed by a 114MM turbo while sipping on Q16. And despite the automatic transmission that’s soaking up plenty of power, it still manages to throw down an astonishing 1386 WHP at the [...]

Words just can’t explain the insanity known as Double Trouble, a 1927 Ford Model T that has four Weiand blowers mounted atop two 4.6L DOHC motors from a pair of New Edge Cobras. Owner Gordon Tronson built the custom chassis to harnesses all 1200 HP and even though traction just isn’t part of the equation, [...]