I’d rather the Mustang not return to Le Mans. What I want Ford to do is bring back the GT40 for another go.

His license plate says, “SRY LSX,” and to be honest, it would take a seriously fast LS-powered car to take down this Coyote-powered S-197 with its simple, but effective single-turbo setup.

Brute horsepower is awe-inspiring. We’re not talking 600, 700 or even 800 hp; we’re talking 1,500+ hp at the tires. That kind of power is enough to make any gearhead weak in his/her knees.

I’d say it’s just around the 30-second mark when you realize that this is going to end up bad … very bad.

Autocross is a timed form of racing that allows drivers of various skill sets and cars to compete in a similar environment; however, there is also a way for drivers to compete against one another in separate classes. How is that done if drivers are in cars that are faster and have more experience? Welcome to the wonderful world of PAX Scoring.