There’re few things better than hopping into your Mustang for a day out at the track, but if you’ve never been it can be fairly intimidating. Here are some things to keep an eye out for and just remember the most important rule: have fun. Track days should be your next step before hopping into [...]

If you have been following Formula Drift for over 5 years, you will recognize the name Tony Brakohiapa. His S197 chassis Mustang was last livered in the EBay Motors guise and powered by the incredible sounding Vortech V7 Supercharger. Now, he plans to take on Pikes Peak after working as a stunt driver in the [...]

What does 2000 horsepower, a short wheelbase, no wheelie bars and a sticky track get you? A wheelie so high that the term, “bumper dragger” just doesn’t do it justice. Really, watch as David Measell takes a wild ride in this 2000hp Fox-body Mustang as it runs over 100 feet down the strip at South [...]

If you haven’t seen the videos of this ridiculously clean 900 HP Fox-body Saleen Mustang then you’re missing out, because it’s as clean and fast as they come. The big and little Weld RTS wheels and fresh paint look great and it’s also got the power to back up the pose. Apparently it makes 901 [...]

This is what Innovators West ADRL Extreme Pro Stock Mustang is powered by; a massive, naturally-aspirated, 828 cid, Hemi-headed Ford motor! The beast is good for just shy of 2000 hp and spins to a sky-high 9000 rpm! Apparently the motor made 1950 hp on this pull from 7000-8250 rpm. Only a well-built race motor [...]