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DTM-Style GT350R Is the Racecar We’ve Been Waiting For


Alright, it’s time to tell Ford we want this GT350 DTM racecar. Immediately.

  Comments | By - December 23, 2015

Mustang Named ‘Hottest Car’ at SEMA 2015


The Ford Mustang has earned “Hottest Car” title at SEMA four years running, mostly because the aftermarket support for the Mustang continues to climb.

  Comments | By - November 6, 2015

Take an In-Depth Look at the BOSS 302

Boss 302

Kevin Oeste of V8TV, who is basically a muscle car savant, walks you through all the glorious backstory of the Ford Mustang BOSS 302.

  Comments | By - October 15, 2015

Fastest 2015 IRS Mustang on the Planet


What do you say to an 8-second 2015 Mustang? Nothing, you’ll never catch it.

  Comments | By - September 4, 2015

Mustang Drag Race Cut Short After Epic Fail

1320 Mustang Video

If you think that just owning a Mustang gives you the right to hop on a dragstrip and just go for it, think again.

  Comments | By - August 17, 2015

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