Ford wrapped up a week celebrating its 50th birthday setting that Guinness World Record for most eCard signatures. With an initial goal of 50,000 birthday wishes, the Ford pony car collected 55,720 birthday signatures over the week of April 14, according to a Ford Social media report. Johanna Hessling, a records manager for Guinness World [...]

Ford is a company which comprises engineers, designers, enthusiasts and strategists. Apparently, it also comprises realists. The automaker’s employees know buyers of the 2015 Mustang GT are going to take it to the drag strip, which is why it developed the new Line Lock feature. This trick software/hardware combo locks the front brakes and allows [...]

So the Blue Oval’s official name for it is “Line Lock,” but less than 20 seconds into this video, Ford Stability Control Engineer Scott Mlynarczyk refers to it how enthusiasts surely will going forward—it’s a “burnout feature.”

There are certain rules everyone should know, some of which include: chew with your mouth closed, leave a one-urinal buffer zone, never bring a knife to a gun fight and never, EVER bring a Camaro to a Mustang party.

If there was one place to be for Mustang fans last weekend, it was Charlotte, North Carolina. Our friends over at American Muscle were there to cover all the cars, racing, and general festivities from the Charlotte celebration. It looked like a tremendous amount of fun. I mean, just look at all those cars! If [...]