Hundreds of Mustang enthusiasts kicked off their 50th anniversary festivities for the Ford pony car at the Saleen Automotive headquarters in Corona, CA. The event, held April 9, served as a sendoff for Mustang owners making the cross country journey from Southern California to Charlotte, NC, for one of two major Mustang celebrations being held April 16 – [...]

Have you ever seen the timelapse footage of an army of ants dismantling a grasshopper? What you’re about to watch is the reverse process involving a car, but it’s just as impressive. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, Ford decided to recreate a publicity stunt it last pulled in 1965: displaying its automotive [...]

Ford couldn’t let the 50th anniversary of the Mustang pass without creating a unique model to honor the milestone. Its Mustang 50 Year Limited Edition does just that. The Blue Oval will make it easy to order one of the 1,964 cars to be produced. You’ll only be able to choose the paint color (Wimbledon [...]

The depressing thing about great accomplishments is that some of them don’t last very long. You can spend hours creating an impressive sand castle, only to have it dissolved and washed away by the tide. A multicourse Thanksgiving meal takes all day to prepare, but is devoured in a matter of minutes. That knowledge didn’t [...]

It seems like it won’t just be Mustangs rolling into cities for 50th Anniversary celebrations being planned around the country for the pony car. Mustang enthusiasts making their way across the country to celebrate the historical milestone for the Ford pony car are also expected to bring in a lot of cash to local economies. [...]