There’s bound to be a lot of buzz around this one. I mean, the name alone is enough to pique the interest of most, even if you aren’t a Mustang fan.

Mustang T-shirts are nothing new, but these are definitely worth noting. Unlike some of the other limited-edition ones being sold, this collection was created in collaboration with the Ford design team that actually helped develop the new Mustang.

You’ll need deep pockets to be in serious contention for this piece of Hollywood history. Last year, one of the other three Eleanors that was actually featured in “Gone in 60 Seconds” went for a whopping $1 million.

I guess the love for Mustangs doesn’t run that deep for a few who own the cars because one man is ready to trade in his 1965 Mustang for tickets to the World Series. Yup, that’s what we hear.

With less than a few weeks before show time, we’re getting wind of a few more custom Mustangs revving up to make a debut at SEMA.