Nothing pisses me off more than knuckleheads who spoil a good thing for everyone else.

It’s now time for “Modding a Mustang GT: The Final Product… Kinda”. Here I’m going to list exactly what parts were placed on the car, in what stages we did them, cost, and what (if any) my future plans are.

While standing outside waiting, the young driver begins dusting off his Mustang. A few seconds later, the driver can be been seen sitting on the bumper of the car likely pondering the cost of the ticket, when suddenly he spots a pickup truck veering straight his way.

To help with the acclivity of aggression in the horsepower wars, here are some of our favorite pro-Ford (and a couple of pro-Mustang, but mostly anti-Chevy) memes that should stir the pot. Vote for your favorite one in the gallery after the jump.

We’ve seen the articles on it, and we’ve seen videos of it screaming down the Nürburgring, but why does the GT350 sound different? We’ve got a couple of videos that could explain what’s going on, and we’ll do a little detailing here as well.