How’s this for a Christmas gift? A 1967 Mustang stolen nearly thirty years ago that was supposed to be given to you by your dad pops back up a few days before Christmas.

Has the love affair run its course for “Gone in 60 Seconds” and its star car?

It appears those wild stunts Ken Block pulls off in Gymkhana 7 in his Hoonicorn RTR go a lot deeper than his mad skills at the wheel, which are frickin’ mind-boggling alone.

Ford Australia was quick to refute reports that their Mustang would have less power, pointing out that the same engine will be used in both the American and Australian version.

Given all the rave reviews the 2015 Mustang has gotten, it certainly seems well-deserving of the North American Car of the Year honor, which is voted on by a panel of automotive journalists from around the country. But is the new Mustang a shoo-in?