The real reason the NMRA Coyote Stock class is so awesome is because of drivers like Drew Lyons who put his Coyote-powered Mustang on the bumper and then power-shifted to second with the plastic still scraping. If that’s not wicked, I don’t know what is.

Check out the picture from the video — he has ONE tire on the ground and still manages to save it. That’s what I call drivin’.

You either loved or hated the SVO Mustang, which boils down to either you got it or you didn’t. I can’t help but think the new EcoBoost Mustangs will garner the same response from the muscle-car community.

Before he became the Governator, before he became “Kindergarten Cop,” Arnold Schwarzenegger was the biggest action star in the world (come on, Stallone, admit it.) Then Arnie did something out of character: “Twins”.

This, my friends, is automotive gold! Seriously, we should celebrate manuscripts like this backed with cinematography this grand.