I think this Mustang needs to invest in some good wheelie bars … like yesterday.

One, two, three in a row. That’s how many times the Mustang has earned SEMA’s “Hottest Car” award, which really shouldn’t come as a surprise — especially this year.

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but for some reason this video reminds me of what would happen if the TV crew from the show Cops decided to do a “Mustangs gone bad” reel, “Bad Boys” theme music and all.

I won’t condone street racing, even though I might have done it a few times in high school. However, there is no denying some of these cars are ridiculously sick.

The real reason the NMRA Coyote Stock class is so awesome is because of drivers like Drew Lyons who put his Coyote-powered Mustang on the bumper and then power-shifted to second with the plastic still scraping. If that’s not wicked, I don’t know what is.