The video after the jump follows the step-by-step build process of a Cobra Jet from a shell to a complete car.

The Ford area at the Woodward Dream Cruise runs along several miles of 9 Mile Road in Ferndale Michigan with the road being known better among Ford fans as Mustang Alley. This is one of the most impressive collections of Ford vehicles at any show in America and with the Woodward Dream Cruise being among []

Continuing to build on a long legacy with Barrett-Jackson, Ford Mustangs claimed four of the top ten sales at the car collector’s Las Vegas show. We know – it really isn’t major news considering how popular the pony car always is at the event. Still, it’s always nice to revel in new facts that speak []

Everybody’s been dying to know how the new Cobra Jet intake manifold/throttle body upgrade for the 2011+ Coyote engines stacks up against the tried and true BOSS 302 intake manifold/throttle body combo. Well, here’s some dyno proof the CJ intake/TB combo is the real deal. Judging by the numbers this Coyote is putting down we’d []

Back in early 1969 when Ford created the legendary BOSS 429 and 302, it unknowingly rewrote the book on performance. The high spinning 302 was a serious contender in the corners and on the SCCA circuit, while the big and bad 429 was the boss at the drag strip. Have a look at this awesome []