It seems like it won’t just be Mustangs rolling into cities for 50th Anniversary celebrations being planned around the country for the pony car. Mustang enthusiasts making their way across the country to celebrate the historical milestone for the Ford pony car are also expected to bring in a lot of cash to local economies. [...]

Ford is definitely looking to turn the heat up some for their second year as an official sponsor of the Formal Drift series. Sliding into the 2014 season with Mustang drivers Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Justin Pawlak at the wheel, Ford is launching a sweepstakes where a lucky participant will win a custom Fiesta ST. Sure, [...]

When the 50th anniversary celebrations for the Mustang get underway in Las Vegas and Charlotte, classic models of the Ford pony car won’t be the only things taking center stage. The coinciding events, which kick off April 16, will also include appearances by some of the people who contributed to the development of what many [...]

With a domestic box office take of roughly $42 million—on a budget of $66 million—Need for Speed might not have been the blockbuster Walt Disney Studios was hoping for. But the Ford Mustang which starred alongside Aaron Paul seems to have left an impression with a more than a few in the states. A $300,000 [...]

Hey, when you’re an icon as big as the Mustang celebrating your 50th birthday why wouldn’t you expect a birthday card. Well, Ford is giving everyone in the world a chance to sign one for the iconic pony car in a new social media campaign celebrating the past five decades of the Mustang. The campaign—which [...]