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Ford Ditches Mustang Hood Vent Turn Signals

2016 Mustang GT Convertible Equipped with the California Special Package

If you dig those classic hood vent turn signals on the new Mustang and you were planning on buying a 2017 model with the feature, forget about it.

  Comments | By - June 24, 2016

New ‘Transformers’ Decepticon Barricade Revealed


When the next ‘Transformers’ hits the big screen, there will be a new gigantic Mustang robot doing battle.

  Comments | By - June 17, 2016

Are the EcoBoost Mustangs Losing Power?

Mustang EcoBoost

Does it feel like your EcoBoost Mustang is getting a little slower off the line? Well, that actually could be the case.

  Comments | By - June 16, 2016

Funny Fake Mustang Recall Notice Highlights Real Problem

mustang crash

The fake recall notes that all Mustang owners need to take their cars to the nearest dealership to have “crowd detection sensors” installed.

  Comments | By - June 15, 2016

The Shelby GT350 Sounds Amazing, Even at Idle


The GT350’s flat-plane-crank 5.2-liter V8 engine sounds great at idle, even with the active exhaust off. But when the active exhaust is flipped on, that’s when the symphony really kicks in.

  Comments | By - June 13, 2016

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