I’m a sucker for Fox-bodies, especially survivor cars that are saved from the grave and brought back to life. Sure there were a ton of Fox-bodies made, but there were also a heap of early Camaros made as well, and what was once considered a plentiful muscle car has slowly evaporated into a hard-to-find hot [...]

For those unaware of the infamous Mullet Ford GT, it’s supercharged, twin turbo’d and nitrous injected to the tune of 1200 horsepower at the tires. Also, it’s owned by a gentleman who’s nickname is, “Mullet.” It’s good for deep 9s at low 150s at the strip, it holds its own at the many Texas land-speed [...]

What does 2000 horsepower, a short wheelbase, no wheelie bars and a sticky track get you? A wheelie so high that the term, “bumper dragger” just doesn’t do it justice. Really, watch as David Measell takes a wild ride in this 2000hp Fox-body Mustang as it runs over 100 feet down the strip at South [...]

If you haven’t seen the videos of this ridiculously clean 900 HP Fox-body Saleen Mustang then you’re missing out, because it’s as clean and fast as they come. The big and little Weld RTS wheels and fresh paint look great and it’s also got the power to back up the pose. Apparently it makes 901 [...]

With just bolt-ons, Derek Venable took his 2013 Shelby GT500 to 193.6 mph from a standing start in just one mile at the world famous Texas Mile land-speed racing event (LSR). How’s that for impressive? The stock car went 174.7 mph, which is impressive, but the RevanRacing.com bolt-on mods added 150 whp and 19 mph [...]