TruFiber call this a “Stealth Shelby GT500.” Stealth huh? They must mean stealth the same way a “tactical” nuclear missile is supposed to show restraint. This car is about as stealthy as a shockwave. The work here is cosmetic, because the Shelby GT 500 makes 662 horsepower out of the box. Their work makes the []

It’s hard to understate the impact of the Mustang on global car culture. From it’s inception to it’s latest incarnation, the Mustang has one of those icons of American culture on an international scale. Ford has been building it for the past fifty years, making it one of the storied—and resilient—cars of all time. As []

If there was one place to be for Mustang fans last weekend, it was Charlotte, North Carolina. Our friends over at American Muscle were there to cover all the cars, racing, and general festivities from the Charlotte celebration. It looked like a tremendous amount of fun. I mean, just look at all those cars! If []

TX2k14 wrapped up last week, so the videos are still pouring out onto Youtube. Guys. There was a lot of racing. The video below is from an 800 horsepower Mustang. While there are certainly several official, sanctioned events happening for TX2k14, this is just one of many, many, unsanctioned ones. With so much horsepower in []

Muscle Car Madness!

13 Mar, 2014

For those of us that aren’t excited about college basketball because… well, because it’s college basketball, The Burnout is putting up a competition bracket for the 1st Annual Muscle Car Madness! 16 of our favorite cars will battle it out on our Facebook page and in the polls for the coveted title of Best Muscle Car. We’ve created a []